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This Awesome, Wholesale Store In Chickpet Is Heaven For Beauty Products On A Budget

Ten-Second Takeaway

Shampoos, facial kits, nail art supplies, makeup – you name it and they’ve got it at Kumar Stores in Chickpet. They offer discounts too!

Budget Beauty

Some time ago, we introduced you to Vaibhav Stores that’s popular with the beauty pros of the city. Well, now we have for you Kumar Stores, a sister concern, that specialises in beauty and cosmetic products for the aam janta. Located close to Basavaraj Market, Kumar Stores is a landmark in the Chickpet area and is popular with the ladies. So popular that you better prepare to be jostled around if you are dropping by on a weekend.

Spread across the entire first floor of the complex it occupies, Kumar Stores is a series of shops that sells everything a girl needs in her bathroom cabinet and cosmetic drawer. Also all you men, who claim you need no shower shelves, but really need the whole bathroom! When you enter, on the left, the store on the left has all the shampoos, conditioners and lotions you need in a lifetime. These are mostly the kind you will find at your local supermarket. Brands range from L’Oreal to Biotique and everything in between. You can expect a discount of 10 per cent up to even 25 per cent, on what you pick up.

Hair N Makeup

The other stores are dedicated to hair, grooming and makeup products. If you are looking to ditch the salon and DIY at home, you can stock up on facial kits, French manicure kits, and jars of wax (cold, hot, cream and chocolate – they have all the varieties). Makeup essentials from brands like Lakme, Maybelline and Revlon are also on display. And you can take home accessories like curling irons, vanity bags, hairpieces, and massagers.