#AlwarpetTrails : Check Out This List Of Best Things To Do In Alwarpet

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With its central location, ever peaceful neighbourhood and streets full of pretty houses, all of us would have dreamt about living in Alwarpet at least once. It is also becoming the hub for new restaurants, coaching centres and more. If you're new to the city or are keen on exploring Alwarpet to the fullest, check out this detailed list of best things to do in Alwarpet.

Jog On Boat Club Road

Boat Club Road is a place with some of the most beautiful houses in the city. It is also filled with tall trees which makes it a perfect spot to take a walk, jog or run. You will see people doing the same thing, no matter how early in the morning or late in the evening you go there. You can also find plenty of well-groomed fur friends that come for a walk along with their parents. We love! 

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Visit Cues And You

Cues And You is a cute space on T.T.K. Road where you can play pool, snookers and billiards. Raja Mohan, a pool referee himself, conducts classes for these games which is priced at INR 15,000 for one on one coaching. They conduct tournaments too, so you should totally check it out.

Dine At Benjarong

Benjarong is arguably Chennai's best Thai restaurant. From Pahd Thai to Gai Hor Baitaey, their Thai cuisine tastes so yummy that we cannot put it into words. Though it is not a budget restaurant, this place on T.T.K. Road should be totally visited for their great quality food.

Eat At French Loaf

French Loaf must be every dessert lover's go-to place! The one in Alwarpet, opposite Indian Terrain store has amazing customer service and great cakes (duh!). We loved their rainbow cake and tiramisu and the tiny glass room setup with well-lit interiors give the place a cosy feel. 

Watch Legends Perform In Music Academy And Naradha Ghana Sabha

These two Sabhas are two of the most iconic performance venues in the city. Having been there for decades, both are located very close to each other on T.T.K. Road. From mesmerising kutcheris to scintillating arangetrams and even school annual days and concerts, these two places are always lively and full of energy, with the Margazhi season being the busiest.

Eat At Royal Sandwich Shop

With over a hundred varieties of the yummiest sandwiches, you will get in the city, Royal Sandwich Shop's gotta be Alwarpet's pride. What started as a small table chair set up outside a supermarket, Royal Sandwich Shop has budget sandwiches starting from INR 35. You can easily have a satisfying meal with a beverage under INR 150.

Shop At WeaveinIndia

WeaveinInda is a luxury saree label situated in Alwarpet that has caught the eyes of celebrities all over the country. It works on reviving the handicraft culture and has a splendid variety of heirloom sarees. Read more about WeaveinIndia here

Eat At Cafe CakeBee

Situated on Seetammal Road, Cafe CakeBee is a quaint and peaceful restaurant that will be the perfect spot for great, uninterrupted conversations. We love their cashew falafel and their hot chocolate is the yummiest. It almost seems like they have melted chocolate bars and poured them into a cup to serve us. 

Volunteer At Life Is A Ball

Life Is A Ball is a sports NGO that brings together volunteers to teach different sports to underprivileged children. If you an hour to spare every week, you can choose to spend it here while interacting with little children and making their day. Check out all the deets about this place here.

Shop At Tulika Book Store

You MUST totally take the little brats of your home to Tulika Book Store. It has an extensive collection of kids' books that are written, illustrated and published by independent artists and writers. From story telling books to picture books, they are super vibrant and rich in content.

Train At The Quad

This functional fitness centre is redefining Chennai's fitness scene. Entirely different from the air-conditioned gyms, you will be made to work out in the outdoors to become the strongest version of yourself. Read more about The Quad here.

Try Russian Cuisine At Winter Palace

One of Chennai's very few Russian restaurants,  Winter Palace, is situated in Alwarpet. If you are someone who is into not too spicy food, this is the place to go. Their stuffed aubergine rolls, Goulash for main course and Russian nut biscuits are our fave. They have a cosy interior that is dim-lit, so this place can be ideal for a date. 

Visit Kaveri Boutique

Alwarpet is filled with high-end boutiques like Kaveri. Known for its sustainable and unique clothing, this boutique has been winning people over with its shirts, pants, tops and dresses made from imported, handwoven linen. It is a beautifully decorated store and has dresses starting from INR 4000. 

Visit Wild Rose Homes

Wild Rose Homes is an interior decor store that makes dreamy and vibrant looking mirrors, furniture, showpieces, wedding gift kits, wall clocks and more. Their wooden furniture and colourful coasters are what we loved the most. They also customise their products according to your budget, occasion and colour preferences.  

Visit The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is a spacious, classy yet hipster-looking resto-pub in RA Puram. Technically not Alwarpet, we know, but is still very closeby. Their Tokyo Mid-Town cocktail with vodka that is served in a huge ass mug is a must-have. Well, if you are a vodka person. Their food is also pretty amazing. We love their Blue Cheese Chicken Tikka and Jalapeno Tzatziki.  

Eat At Kolkata Chaat

A visit to Alwarpet is never complete without a visit to Kolkata Chaat. This iconic place serves absolitely delish and pocket-friendly chaat as well as our favourite rotis and parathas. Right next to this place, is another legendary juice shops that serves more than 50 varieties of fresh juices. Though there is not seating facility available, this is one of the favourite hang out spots of Chennaiites.  Don't miss these two places next time you are anywhere close to Alwarpet! 

Attend Events At Curio Play

Curio Play is a cute venue spot on Ananda Road that hosts amazing pop-ups, yoga classes, magic shows, stand up comedy shows, art workshops and much more! Give them a follow on Instagram to keep up with their awesome shows that they keep posting about. 

Play Badminton at FitNest

Right opposite Soul Garden Bistro on Ananda Road, this is one of the very few Badminton courts in this locality. With wooden interiors, this is very well-maintained and is open throughout the day. Hourly rates start from INR 500 and changes according to the time of the day you play at. They also have a monthly membership and professional badminton coaching. 

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