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Beaches To Bridges: Cycle To These Top Places In Chennai

If you’re the cycling kind of a person (rather than gymming or swimming), you are probably looking for good routes to take in the city. Even with the noisy traffic and heat, Chennai has some great places to cycle and smooth routes to cycle by. Put on your helmet and cycle to these top places in Chennai. 

Whether or not you cycle on a regular basis, chances are that you’ve been to both these highway-type roads. This route is awesome because not only is it illuminated with streetlights all the way but also has 24/7 police patrolling. You can always stop by the breath-taking beach for some Instagram selfies and morning contemplation, and this makes the stretch one of the top places to cycle in Chennai. 

For those who love cycling early in the morning, the route from Koyambedu Anna Nagar Tower Park is the best. Around 5.30am, these roads are super empty and passing through broad roads like Poonamallee and Anna Arch can be exhilarating. You can catch a quick run at the park and get the day's workout sorted. 

One of the busiest routes during rush hour, these roads can be a cyclist’s dream during late nights, making this the top place to cycle in namma Chennai. If you love riding your bike post 8pm, these straight roads which go by the railway tracks are perfect to cycle by. Also, there are quite a few vendors who sell yummy sundal, snacks, and tea around midnight. 

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