Lettuce Experiment: Restaurants That Offer Surprisingly Good Salads

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Salads get a bad rep, because who wants kale when you can chomp on bacon? They remain grossly overlooked menu items, almost exclusively reserved for weight-watchers. That’s all about to change, because we went back to our menus and swapped our regular order with these salads.

We think you should too – you won’t regret it.

No Leaf Salad At Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Majorly winning for no redundant leafiness, this salad has warm pumpkin, herbed masoor dal, goat’s cheese and an assortment of nuts and seeds tossed in a kaffir lime dressing.

There’s lots of interesting flavours that work really well with each other and, as far as salads go, this one will definitely fill you up.

Don’t forget to get a cup of coffee, there’s no need to swap that out at Blue Tokai.

Watermelon And Feta Salad At Caffe Tonino

Primarily a pizza-and-pasta establishment, Caffe Tonino surprised us with their Watermelon and Feta Salad. While it can be tempting to order the more carb-loaded potato skins as an appetiser, we suggest swapping that in for this salad.

Lots of our favourite salad elements – like rocket, feta, walnuts – are tossed about in a honey balsamic vinegar dressing and it is quite delish.

Quesadilla Chicken Explosion Salad At Chilis

Cocktails that aren’t too pricey and diner-style comfort food is what we tend to gravitate towards when we find ourselves at Chilis. However, we couldn’t resist trying their Quesadilla Chicken Explosion Salad and we’re happy to report that it’s the most unlikely salad we’ve had.

With quesadilla wedges, crunchy tortilla strips, corn relish and smoky-ranch cheesey goodness, it barely qualifies as healthy. Thank god for the assortment of greens, though – it eases some of our guilt.

Juicy Chicken Minced Salad At Ping's Cafe Orient

Dim sums, khao suey or yakitori – Ping’s Cafe has signature dishes that celebrate authentic Asian cuisine. However, we suggest you try their Chicken Mixed Salad the next time you find yourself at this restaurant, situated in Lodhi Colony.

With paprika, a hint of mint and roasted rice, this makes for a perfect appetiser, or a full meal if you’re trying to watch what you eat.

Honey Glazed Bacon Salad At Bun Intended

Bacon in a salad – are you sold already? Ditch the baos and burgers {blasphemy, we know!} and order their Honey Glazed Bacon Salad to curb midnight munchies.

There’s enough green stuff {lettuce, kale, snow peas and french beans} to make you feel better about the crispy bacon. Served with Balsamic Vinegar, this salad is a winner.

Warm Chili Olive Oil Prawn Salad At Coast Cafe

Appams, parottas and curries, Coast Cafe has become our go-to spot when we’re craving authentic Kerala cuisine. Sub the Coast Cafe Prawn Moilee or your standard Fish Taco order for their Warm Chili Olive Oil Prawn Salad.

A warm, fiery salad – there’s some arugula, prawns tossed in chili olive oil and red peppers.

De Lijn Salad At Di Ghent

Di Ghent is Gurgaon’s go-to breakfast place – they have a yummy selection of eggs, waffles, pancakes and french toast. What we chanced upon, however, was their De Lijn Salad. It’s loaded with crispy bacon strips, gorgonzola, dates, walnuts, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, mixed lettuce, croutons and a drizzle of honey.

Each mouthful packs an explosion of flavours and we came back for bite after bite. Yes, we’re talking about a salad. Imagine that.


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