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No meal is as inclusive as a thali meal. It includes an extensive variety of a restaurant’s offerings, and takes care of everything from the main course to the snacks to dessert. Here are some of the best ones we’ve had in the city!

Evergreen Sweet Shop & Restaurant

Although Evergreen is better-known for their chaat and mithai, they also do a great north Indian thali which features Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani, a dry seasonal mix of vegetables, rice, raita and the option of a tandoori roti or a lachha paratha. There’s a mini version too, for when you’re not too hungry. Both are accompanied by pickle and a roasted papad.

Saravana Bhavan

We all know and love Saravana for its stellar south Indian fare. They’ve maintained that quality in the face of all their competition. Order the thali and you’ll have a pick of the regulars- sambar, dal, poriyal {vegetable}, koottu {vegetable} and rasam. There’s also appalam, curd, fried chilli accompanied by rice and poori.

Where: For a complete list of outlets, click here.


Naivedyam‘s snack thali {which is as good as a meal, if you ask us} consists of an idli and vada, along with the choice between a dosa and uttapam, as well as lemon rice, upma and suji aloo. For when you’re in more of a rice-sambhar kind of mood, go with the larger thali, which has those along with two vegetable options, chappatis/poorisand a variety of chutneys.

Thaal Vaadi

Perhaps one of the crowded joints in the Great India Place Mall for its value-for-money meals, the thali here consists of buttermilk, dal, baati, churma, vegetarian dishes including Paneer Makhani or Kathal Masala accompanied by rice, salad and roti. End on a sweet note with the rich Shahi Tukda, fruit custard or Moong Dal Halwa.


Gujarati joint Suruchi does a thali with an unlimited serving of vegetables {on weekdays} accompanied by dal, farsan, puran poli, roti, khichri and sweets. It comes as no surprise that this restaurant’s slogan is ‘eat like a king.’  They also do a Rajasthani thali. To get more than your buck’s worth, consider going on a weekend when all items are unlimited.


The busy chain is always crowded to such an extent that it is almost impossible to find seating sometimes. However, people flock here for good reason. Their Vegetarian Thali makes for an absolutely filling meal, even for the biggest of appetites. Dal Makhani, Paneer Curry, Dahi Pakodi, mixed vegetables along with a baby naan, a baby paratha, rice and papad is sure to more than satiate those cravings.

Where: For a complete list of outlets, click here


Mahabelly does non-vegetarian Keralan food. Their thali features the Thoran of the day {fresh vegetables tossed in mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut}, Kootu Curry {a thick vegetable accompaniment} and Pacchadi {a combination of yogurt and coconut}. Along with the above, you’ll find sambhar and rasam, and all of it is served with steamed rice {either white or red}, chappatis, pickle and a dessert of the day. Did we mention you can have as many rounds as you’d like?

Khyen Chyen

If you fancy a Kashmiri Wazwan meal, look no further than Khyen Chyen. We’re highly impressed by their mutton delicacies {Lahabdaar Kebab and Marchwangan Korma} infused with Kashmiri red chillies. They offer a set lunch/thali for takeaways/deliveries comprising rice, roti, vegetables, chutney, one non-vegetarian dish and dessert.


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