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Blend Of Chocolate And Alcohol? Try These Chocolates ASAP

What Makes It Awesome?

Like they say the first impression is the last, well it surely did not hold true in this case. Tried liquor filled dark chocolate some years back but could not even swallow as I hated the taste. Cut to giving it another shot (literally) and the feel of feeling them melt in the mouth was like they always belonged there. What can be more thoughtful gift than Anthon Berg's selection of 64 liquor filled chocolates or 'khazaana' like I say. The box opens up a small wonderful world of Jim beams, Cointreau, Sauzas, Borghettis, Remy Martins and many more. Anthon Berg has been the original chocolate liqueurs since 1922 and continues to rule the industry. These definitely come handy on a 'dry day' (in case you haven't already been convinced about their importance till now, wink).

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