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Haircuts, Manis & Waxing: Check Out These Salons for Men In The City

Haircuts, manicures, pedicures, facials, or even waxing services are no longer restricted to just women. The question, then, for interested Delhi men, seems to be where to go for their grooming needs. Save yourself some research time with this guide, and finally get to it!

Truefitt & Hill’s barbershop franchise, one of the oldest in the world recently opened its first standalone salon in Delhi. A brand synonymous with luxury and nobility, Truefitt offers a range of barber services and treatments. The classic Royal cut, shave, manicure and pedicure options are available, along with a massage service and special packages for grooming.

You can find some great deals to fit your budget here. With locations across the city, Geetanjali salons offers geographical convenience to match your haircuts, moustache grooming, manicures and pedicures. Some of them even do waxing. Call and confirm with the salon that's most conveniently located for you.

This British high-end salon has loads of services to choose from. Here, you can get a haircut and styling as well as manicures and pedicures and walk out feeling all pampered. 

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