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Ditch The Dumbbells: This Fitness Space Makes You Work Out In Sync With Pumping Music!

Ten-Second Takeaway

RUFFIT is a fitness space in Global Foyer Mall, where the workouts are done in perfect sync with the music. They’ve got their own cafe, so you can keep your diet on track, too.

The New Age Workout

If you’re tired of lifting dumbbells, carrying out endless reps on the same, old machines in the gym, and taking the oh-so-mundane instructions from your trainer, that’s an indication you might need to switch things up when it comes to working out.

RUFFIT, a fitness space, is doing things in a new way. Their idea of working out is that of ‘functional fitness’, which is based on doing different exercises and movements in sync with the music that’s playing—they have specially prepared mixes for this. You might want to keep your Shazam handy, since their music is developed by big names like Nikhil Chinappa, Hardwell, Nina and Mallika.

The workouts involve everything from battle ropes, medicine balls and tyre flips to other things techniques such as Zumba and yoga. They’ve also got the RUFFIT Cafe there, which will give you all the nutritional guidelines you need and give you clean, healthy meals to keep your transformation going.

They’re also doing a 6-week Summer Slim-Down program that’ll include special training, outdoor training with Adidas Runners group, intensive training, full body assessment and more. The winner of the program will win a 3-month membership at RUFFIT.

It’ll start on June 18 and go on till July 31.

So, We’re Saying…

With no traditional gym equipment and a whole new approach to getting fit, we suggest you check out RUFFIT to undertake that overdue fitness routine.

Price: INR 19,999 for 6 months, INR 29,999 for 12 months

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