LBB Presents Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, on being a Digital Celeb and scoring Seth Rogen and James Franco

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We love funny women. Period. Especially when they own it on their own terms. And own the name Superwoman. Damn straight. Meet Lilly Singh, the funny lady behind it. A YouTube celebrity {and we mean the big league; think James Franco, Seth Rogen and Madhrui Dixit as co-stars}, she’s also a comedian and motivational speaker, and does a hilarious Punjabi parent rendition {Delhi, you’ll understand}. With over 5.6 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, she’s gearing up for her four city Indian tour. And we happened to be able to ask her if she’s as excited as us! Here’s Lilly Singh, uncut.

LBB: How did you decide to start a YouTube channel?

Superwoman: I started for both personal and business reasons. I primarily started because I was overcoming depression and used YouTube as a means of self-medication. I thought that making other people laugh would definitely make me feel happier… and it did. I also really wanted to inspire other people to live a happier life and YouTube is a great platform for delivering messages to a global audience. From a business perspective, I didn’t see any other South Asian female doing what I do. I definitely thought there would be a market for someone like me and so I gave it a shot.

LBB: Big ups for taking the chance! What was your first piece about?

Superwoman: A very awkward and serious Spoken Word piece about religion. That piece is so far from who I am today! It’s not even on YouTube anymore because it was uncomfortable to watch LOL. {LBB- yes, we looked}.

LBB: Were you awkward your first time round? {We know a lot of people who’ve tried and gotten extremely awkward aka US!}

Superwoman: Yes! I think it definitely takes time to develop a certain vibe on camera. My first few videos seem very unnatural to me and I think that’s because when you first start, you tend to over think. I was very concerned with looking and sounding cool. Now I’m just completely my weird, silly self and that’s why I seem more natural. It’s a learning curve for sure.

LBB: Describe the moment you first discovered you were playing in YouTube’s big league?

Superwoman: The biggest moment of realization for me was definitely my first show in Mumbai at YTFF. I had just come back from Shahrukh Khan’s house which I mean, c’mon, who even says that?! I went on stage and the support was extremely overwhelming. I was actually speechless with the audience reaction which is a big statement because I never shut up. Afterwards, Shahrukh Khan came on stage and did the Super S with me and that pretty much sealed the deal.

LBB: Big ups on scoring Seth Rogen and James Franco! Can you fill us in on how that happened, and how you felt? {Watch it, here}

Superwoman: They’ve all come about in different ways. Seth and James were through YouTube where I had to pitch an idea and they chose it! Jay Sean and I have just become friends and he’s amazing. Kunal and I met on the sets of Dr. Cabbie and became friends so a video was long overdue. Madhuri dixit was in relation to the song I did for Gulaab Gang’s release. Arnold was part of a bigger YouTube project and is currently unreleased but should be out soon!

AKA, I get to meet these awesome people through different means but if you want a deep answer: I get in touch with these people through hard work, dedication and lack of an ego. I say lack of an ego because sometimes in these situations your needs aren’t taken into primary consideration… instead of complaining about it, I suck it up.   

LBB: Who’s the funniest Indian woman according to you, since we have so few?

Superwoman: I don’t think we have few, I just think few are in the public eye. There’s probably dozens sitting in their houses who are 10 times funnier than me (easy to do LOL). I honestly think the funniest indian woman I know is my mom. She’s hilarious and I get a lot of dialogue from her. She should have 5 million subscribers.

LBB: How did you score the legendary Ms. Dixit? {Watch it, here}

Superwoman: I did a feature on one of Gulaab Gang’s promotional songs and became friends with the director Anubhav Sinha who is now my homie for life. In turn I met Madhuri and pitched a video idea which she kindly agreed to do. Working with her was absolutely amazing and nerve wrecking. She was really supportive and even said I have swag. That’s going to be my next tattoo. Right on my forehead, ‘Madhuri Dixit said I have swag.’ DONE. 

LBB: What do your parents think of how they’re portrayed in your pieces? {This and this should give you context}

Superwoman: In the beginning of my Youtube journey, it wasn’t that my parents were unsupportive, it was more that they didn’t understand. To be honest, that’s totally valid because YouTube is such a new, unconventional career for people to have. Now they are fully supportive and go above and beyond to help me out. They are such a blessing.

My parents characters are 80% fictional and 20% based on things my parents (and all parents for that matter!) say. My parents don’t dress like Paramjeet and Manjeet, nor do they have an accent. I think I just wanted to create characters based on stereotypes we’re all familiar with. My style is to exaggerate things and make them very over the top and these characters are no exception.

LBB: What’s the best thing you’ve heard about Delhi?

Superwoman: I’ve heard that many people in Delhi watch my videos which makes me feel really special since I’ve never even visited Delhi as Superwoman! Getting support from a part of the world you’ve never performed in before is overwhelming. I hope I give them what they want with this tour.

LBB: What’s the worst think you’ve heard about Delhi?

Superwoman: That it’s really crowded all the time. But to be honest, that doesn’t bother me. If I have to hug people while crossing the street because there’s isn’t enough space to walk solo…I’m okay with that. haha. And I don’t see why you’d get hate. You rock.

LBB: What are you looking forward to most in Delhi?

Superwoman: Eating a parontha. I CANT WAIT! EXTRA BUTTER!

LBB: What can we expect from you in the future? {In reference to what new content you’ll be doing}

Superwoman: In addition to my regular weekly videos, I want to try exploring some higher production, longer pieces of content. Movies, tv shows, etc. That world really intrigues me.

LBB: Lastly, and we know you must get asked this a lot, but any advice to new and upcoming YouTubers?


Don’t start to become rich or a star. Do it because you believe in your content. Have thick skin because the internet is mean. Be consistent. And get ready to work super hard all the time.

LBB: Since we’re all competing in this frightful digital game, name one thing you love about it the most/one thing you hate about it the most.

Superwoman: Love – you can literally connect with people all over the world and that can mean amazing things for humanity. Dislike – getting rid of internet trolls is impossible and there will always be negativity in the digital world because it’s difficult to control.

LBB: Tell us one thing Delhi should definitely expect!

Superwoman: Expect to leave my show feeling happier and more light hearted than when you entered.

Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman Hits Indian shores on the 19th of May, presented by the awesome folk at Culture Machine-The Digital Video Entertainment Company. Also, as we hit publish we hear tickets for her Delhi show are sold out. Book a flight, and find yourself a seat. She’s most definitely worth it.


19th and 22nd May-Mumbai

20 and 21st May-Delhi

23rd May-Hyderabad

24th and 26th May-Bangalore

Click here, to book tickets. {Except for Delhi}