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Meals In The Breeze: Check Out These 7 Outdoor Restaurants In Noida

Noida folks, if you thought that every time the weather played nice, driving down to Delhi for dinner plans was the only option, you thought wrong. From family lunches to chilling with the gang, we’ve found seven outdoor restaurants in Noida for every type of occasion. 

The stunning rooftop with lots of greenery and a decent view is perfect for deep, meaningful conversations. While we’re a little bummed that they don’t serve alcohol, the fact that the restaurant’s quiet (and you won’t be struggling to hear the other person) pretty much makes up for it.

For its pretty rooftop and the fact that it serves alcohol, Imperfecto definitely deserves a mention. While the food might not be outstanding, it sure is a great spot to catch up with your gang over booze and if the weather’s good, everything’s good. 

The longest bar in all of Noida, amazing views of the skyline and an extensive menu with so many dishes and liquor options, we’re sold already. If you’ve been having a rough week at work, Time Machine is just place in Noida to drink away your work blues, pig out and unwind with your friends.

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