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Outdoor Restaurants You Can Check Out When The Weather's Playing Nice

The weather right now is so perfect, we’re fairly certain everyone‘s looking for places that allow them to eat in the open. So, here are our top picks for a meal under the stars (or the sun). 

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Erstwhile Zest, Set’z has consistently maintained a classic multi-cuisine menu, fantastic food and a bunch of lovely cocktails. One of the few outdoor spaces that cater to every type of meeting, here is where you should start if this is your first brush with an outdoor meal in Delhi. We recommend you try their dal makhani, sushi and biryani. 

Price: INR 3,200 for two people.

One of the first fine-dine restaurants in the city, Olive continues to charm us with its pebbly outdoor area done up in pretty lights. The ambience screams romance, but you wouldn’t be out of place with your family at their Sunday brunch. Also, now that their new menu is in place, you can definitely check cuisines like their Tortelli, Pork Belly & Cherry, Chayote Squash & Foxtail Millet along with their Jim Beam and maple syrup cocktail. 

Price: INR 4,000 for two people. 

This restaurant has a beautiful, traditional vibe to it and of course it would, because it is a restored haveli that's got the added plus point of architectural heritage. The restaurant is situated on their terrace and if you're lucky (or plan your outing here well) there are Kathak performances also that you can watch over dinner. And while here, we suggest you definitely give their palak patta chat and biryani a go. 

Price: INR 2,500 for two people. 

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