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Move Over Infantaria: 5 Breakfast Spots In North Goa We Bet You Didn't Know About

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we agree. Nothing better than a satisfying first meal of the day that boosts your energy. But obviously, mo. Nothing better than a satisfying first meal of the day that boosts your energy. But obviously, most of you who travel to Goa head to the most common spots- Infantaria and the likes. Instead, we suggest you make your way to these eateries that we bet you know little about.

Whispering Café is nestled in another cute, yellow home on a hill in Ucassaim. With lovely seating in the verandah of the house overlooking the village and green foliage around, this is another quaint little place offering a delicious breakfast. Try their Vietnamese coffee, freshly baked herb leafs, choice of eggs or even the rich egg Florentine to start off with. And of course one will always be welcomed with woof and wag by their friendly ambassador Joey. This one is usually closes for the monsoon too, so check here for more details.

Bay View Shack is where you head to for that breakfast on the beach. Perched on the sandy dunes of Candolim beach, they offer a fully loaded continental breakfast with eggs, pancakes, juices, sausages, ham and whatever else you can think of. Plus since you are on the beach, a beer along with breakfast is optional too. And the owners and their team are always around with a smile and good food. Again, they do shut during the monsoons, so follow their page here for more details.

Café Bhonsle’s in Panjim is where you head to if you are looking to try a traditional Goan breakfast that is all vegetarian. From the suki to patal bhaji which comes with puris or pao, to their version of what we call the Goan samosa, everything here is about the food. Also do try their mushroom samosa here. Do not expect a great setting/ ambience or anything fancy, just go there for the food and leave without burning a hole in your pocket. Additionally, this place is open throughout the year.

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