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Celebrating Holi In Goa? Here's All That You Can Do Through The Week

Ten-Second Takeaway

Colours, sand and the sea are definitely a lethal combination. And for Goans, Holi is yet another reason to celebrate life and they take their celebrations very seriously- to the point of having week-long entertainment options {at times, even longer}. So if you find yourself here this week, here’s all that you can do.

What Can We Do?

Ride or drive around the villages of Goa, and at every village be prepared to get colour and water thrown at you. But this is the most fun part about Holi in Goa- the fact that friendly villagers happily play Holi with everyone who visits their villages {of course, they will also ask you for contributions to possibly get them their next beer or feni}. But it is all in jest and definitely worth experiencing if you are in Goa. And be warned, this goes on for weeks and weeks even after the actual Holi dates have passed.

Catch the lighting of bonfires in villages on the eve of Holi. There will be a lot of traditional music, song & dance on view, and there will also be a drum circle along with dancing around their campfires on the beaches.

Definitely head to the beaches to catch various Holi parties happening during the day, with music, colours, water and lots of you-know-what. Add to it the warm sunny days of March, and you will definitely enjoy a  dip in water all day. Some of the more popular ones to check out are Morjim, Ashvem, Keri, Patnem, Benaulim, Colva etc for all the Holi parties and madness on the beaches.

You can also check out some popular Holi parties that take place across Goa such as the Colourland or Holi Avatar or Rangholic. You could even head to Back2Basics Hostel for their Holi Celebrations.

So, We're Saying...

It’s going to be a crazy week ahead, so make sure you take some of these tips and have a baller time in Goa this Holi. After all, we’re here to make it awesome for you.


Remember to wear only clothes that you are willing to throw away after the celebrations whilst on your Goa trip during Holi.