We're Telling You How To Pull Off A Perfect Indoor Picnic

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Be it with bae or with the kids, it's time to have a self-quarantine picnic. Because why not? You have the time. All you have to do is plan, prepare and organise.

Step #1: Spot The Space

Without a location, there is no picnic. So spotting a place that can give you the space you need is important. And even if you don't have that space, create one. Move the other objects and clean the floor. That's it!

Step #2: Set The Mood

If it's a romantic one, make sure to prepare a playlist. Because music always sets the mood right! It’s often the little things that end up making the biggest impact (winks). So, set up a wireless speaker, a laptop, or your phone and tune in to your favourite tunes.

Step #3: Style It Up

Set the whole scene depending on the picnic is with whom. Lay down some cosy blankets, patterned rugs, use fairy lights or lanterns and add some colourful cushions. You can have a few stacks of books, mason jars or anything that you would like to have it beside you. You can also pick a theme and style it accordingly. Just, make it fun!

Step #4: Plan Picnic Meal

No picnic is ever complete without good food. So, plan the menu. But in such a manner that you don’t have to run in and out of the kitchen continuously. We say, better pack it for a true picnic feel.

Or you can order in from places delivering. Here's a list of places delivering right now.

Step #5: Add Entertainment

Yes, watch a movie together. But we would encourage you to play games. It is a fun feature to add. Think of games you would enjoy playing together. Or have a karaoke session. You can pick one of these shows to watch and go nostalgic or take virtual tours of these monuments. It's your call.


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