Hydrate Yourself! Here's Where To Score Kombucha In Hyderabad

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Summer is here! And well, that means two things — one, we'll keep hydrating ourselves, and two, we'll look for tastier options to hydrate ourselves. What's better than kombucha, folks? This fermented-tea boosts immunity, improves your gut, and does other good things for your health. In this post, we'll tell you all about where to score the perfect kombucha in Hyderabad.

Hydra Kombucha

Hydra Kombucha

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Hydra Kombucha has been making all the rounds, and they're serving at Tiger Lily Bistro, Bottega Cafe. They brew in small batches which is great because it gives out better taste, and ensures there's no wastage. Hydra doesn't compromise on any heath benefits and they make use of fresh and high-quality ingredients, and at the moment, they offer three flavours: Masala Chai, Original, and Pineapple.

Terrassen Cafe

Terrassen Cafe in Banjara Hills is Hyderabad's first vegan cafe and we love it! Their dishes are absolutely creative and you'll find plenty of different flavours on your plate. A great reason to get (or order in) from here is their range of kombucha that is fully brewed in-house. They've got a few probiotic drinks including classic kombucha, santra, Pomucha (pomegranate-based kombucha), ginger beer, and chilli rice beer. 


Plantarium is a plant-based store in Gachibowli, and whether you're a vegan or not, you've got to check out this store. They've got snacks like protein bars, chocolate, and ready-to-cook meals like pulao, biryani, and dishes like Achari Tikka, Vegetable Bytz. With plantable pencils, bamboo toothbrushes, and tote bags, the store also stocks up on vegan curd, kombucha, and ice-cream. We're going back for sure. 

Theory Cafe & Dessert Bar

Hidden from the bustling Jubilee Hills, Theory Cafe has a stunning ambience that we won't get over anytime soon. With a cosy indoor seating and a rustic outdoor seating amidst a lot of greens, go there for Thai Bowls, Enchiladas, and Strawberry Chili Kombucha. 

Sage Farm Cafe

Almost tucked in the basement-like area of a home, Sage welcomes you to an outdoor space with wooden seating. Take your pet and a book and spend a quaint afternoon, or step into their indoors where books and simple decor light up the space. We suggest you go for their Protein Punch Salad, Ridge Gourd & Chili Pizza, Grilled Fish, and of course, Chili Kombucha. 

Booch Please

Serving at places like Comic Social, The Pet Cafe, and Good Vibes Only — Booch Please is perhaps our favourite kombucha brand in Hyderabad. If you've been meaning to cut down on sugary beverages, Booch Please can come to your rescue. Not only are they healthy and delicious but they can also jazz up your cocktails. At the moment, Booch Please has six flavours — Bloody Beet, Zesty Ginger, Goofy Grape, Mexican Mama, Apple Pie, and Purple Rain. The brand keeps experimenting with new flavours too.

Sacred Earth Cafe

Everything about Sacred Earth Cafe in Kavuri Hills reminds us of Goa. Perfect for grabbing a meal with your squad, the entire cafe is done up in earthy colours and Bohemian decor accents. While they are known for their smoothie bowls, they also brew their kombucha. One of the best healthy cafes in Hyderabad, at Sacred Earth, you can score kombucha and Kimosa (their take on mimosa made from kombucha). Also, their kombucha is seasonal, so please check for the flavour when you place an order.


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