Get The Cottagecore Aesthetic Of 2021 Before 2022 Arrives

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What exactly is cottagecore? Common tropes include: pretty floral accents, vintage botanical prints, breezy dresses, cozy sweaters, crochet, well-worn books, dreamcatchers, old-school DIYs, and smell of homemade apple pie. Ooh that rhymes! Basically, everything whimsy and with a dreamy charm that makes you feel like an elf living in a tiny enchanted house in the woods. Alright, more like a mindful TikTok-loving youth living in an idyllic cottage, happy? Check out these decor elements that will help you achieve this aesthetic without breaking a sweat (or your bank, of course).


All That Grass

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If the lockdown-inspired cottagecore trend is anything to go by, It seems we’re collectively falling out of love with big city life, and falling in love with rural ways of living. One such decor element that is cottagecore-ish at its very core is a sustainable, earthy, hand-woven planter, made out of natural fibers. Get the good-loking sabai grass planters from All That Grass. The hyacinth cup saucer planter from Asama is a killer! Group up different shapes and sizes of Potyosi’s floral terracotta planters to add to that cozy nook in your balcony. Check out this list of sustainable planters for more options.

Pillar Candles

Aura Decor

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Want candles with a cottagecore aesthetic, consider using pillar candles. Yep, the spooky ones (with wax dripping down the candleholder) you see in horror movies. Aura Decor has plenty of those and more. Rewa makes scented candles using religious floral waste and cruelty-free wax. That’s sustainability and self-care rolled in one. Want candles that smell of fresh flowers? Maeva’s candles will have your home smelling like a misty meadow in no time.

Fairy Lights

The cottagecore aesthetic is a bundle of romantic visions of countryside life. No romantic vision is complete without a row or two of twinkling lights. Wrap a strand of rattan cane string lights from Glimmer Lightings around your porch or patio for a starry outdoor scene. Or get the bestselling pom pom string lights from Milestones to add around your curtains for a colourful ambient indoor glow. Snug and homey, cottagecore on point.


Bring the outdoors in and turn your home into a mini jungle with plants. That’s all cottagecore is about - going back to our roots and the simplicity of living. If you’re twiddling your green thumbs because you lack the motivation to start parenting plants, A Million Forests is what you need to check out. The plants you buy from here come with a brochure on how to care for it too! Udvid Plant Boutique will send you plants in wooden logs, bamboo structures, seashells, pine cones, and other discarded objects (like wireframes of bicycles). Fairies In My Garden will help you add oodles of whimsy and fun to your home garden with their colouful miniature gnomes and mushrooms.

Vintage Tableware

An easy way to elevate your home cottagecore aesthetic is to set the scene with some vintage porcelain dinnerware. A Vintage Affair has tableware inspired by an old-school British and European aesthetic. Stack up your tea-time snacks in their blue & pink floral tin metal canisters. Or bring home the minimalist charm of glazed ceramics from Button Curry or Fish Jaipur

Wall Art

To create a well-lived and well-loved, homely vibe, you need to mix and match your patterns with wild abandon. Use that barren wall like an empty canvas, and instead of painting it with colours, fill it with textures. The Twisted Knots’ embroidered hoops and frames is a beautiful place to start. Request them to customise a hoop with your kind of imge or quote to add personality to your space. Off My Loom’s hand-woven hangings made of cotton and wool are perfect for a cosy reading nook. For that matter even The Hippie Vibes will leave you spoilt for choice with their pinterest-y dreamcatchers. Don’t miss the floral wall plates from Ritu’s Lovingly Handcrafted and the uber cool Moon Wall Mirror from Kad Furniture.

Colourful Upholstery

The Eco Vana

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Flower power is what you need to add the cottagecore aesthetic to your home. Wabi Sabi’s floral home linen range is a good place to start. Eco Vana has the most earthy-looking yet luxurious eco-dyed cushion covers made of natural fibers. Knotty N Crafty Studio’s beanies, baskets, cushion covers, flower baskets, rugs, and bedcovers, will give your space a colourful cozy vibe. Take your cottagecore decor several notches up with The Nascent’s classy Nordic designs. Their multi-coloured Boho Me Up floor cushion is just what you need for that dreamy reading corner of your home.

Statement Decor


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Looking for that one statement artefact to display on your living room console table? Vintage Crafts has many! They have enough to give your entire home a vintage-y makeover. From old-school brass telephones to vintage camera tripods, brass horse heads, to small knick-knacks - there’s are a lot of options to up your cottagecore decor game. Also check out Hangit, if you have that one annoying empty corner in your living room, you cannot find anything for. They have swings, Brazilian hammocks, and chairs (rope and fiber), you can hang up in a corner or balcony to laze around in.