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Your Joe Made Right: 9 Kinds of Coffee You Must Try In Kolkata

Coffee connoisseur or a coffee nerd who needs a perfect cuppa to kick off a day? If you're looking for specialty brews made the perfect way then you need to head out to these cafes in Kolkata.

They legit brought pour over coffee to the city. This all-American cafe (run by expats Grant and Kelly) were the first to initiate specialty coffee to Kolkata, and their hand-drip pour over was the thing that kept us going back to the cafe for more. A well-balanced black filter coffee, the hand-drip or pour over is a fave among most coffee snobs, ideal to give you a good kick of energy. With the aroma of freshly roasted and ground coffee beans filling the cafe, 8th Day's pour over (with a side of their shortbread cookie or bagel) is a must try.

Since it opened its doors, The Lighthouse Cafe has been wowing us with its specialty brews and handpicked slow food. We've been bowled over by its Chemex pour over and its Kyoto-style cold brew. But the one thing that got us completely hooked is the house special cold brew and tonic made with Blue Tokai cofee beans. A blend of tonic water and a full bodied cold brew this one almost develops a light beer-like flavour. Best of all, you can chug glasses of it and still not suffer from a case of coffee-induced heartburn because the Kyoto-style drip cuts down on the acidity. Next time you hit the cafe for some remote work, sip on this brew and enjoy a productive day.

To begin with, it's the only cafe that serves a cortado in the city! And tbh, it's not surprising because Zareen of Zee's have learnt her coffee making tricks from one of the elite culinary schools in the world, Le Cordon Bleu. Her espressos, lattes and mochas are definitely must haves, but her cortado is something special. A Spanish coffee made with equal portions of espresso and milk, this is kind of similar to the Italian macchiato, except it uses steamed milk instead of a frothy one. The milk acts to cut down on the coffee acidity so you can keep sipping on cups of it to tide you through all the deadlines.

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