Shopping for furniture in Kolkata? From Budget to Luxury- Find the best markets & stores with the perfect coffee table or a bed that'll last a generation.

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Antique, Secondhand, Cane Or Contemporary: Furniture Stores For Every Kind Of Style & Budget

You don’t need an interior designer on hand to revamp your pad. Trick it out with a few key pieces from these furniture stores.

Swakritii has a variety of furniture, from contemporary to classic, and transitional to modern. The store has a wide range of colourful chairs and drawers and a very Ikea feel, which is great for graphic designers and artists trying to create the ideal work station.

Located in Howrah, the Bengal Basket Co. is doing really interesting work in experimenting with cane furniture. They have moved away from traditional cane furniture pieces and are experimenting with design and making nice sleek cane beds, dining sets and chairs and sofas. Prices begin from INR 4,600.

Part of an international chain of stores with designers from all over the world, Scarlet Splendour has a branch on Wood Street. You can choose from over 16 collections, all curated by different designers. Their Scarlet Eclectics collection has include Dutch armchairs and Jacobean seats which have a very Gothic vibe. They also have pop art-inspired pieces such as sofas which look like red lips and cactus-shaped room accessories. While all the pieces might not be available at the outlet, you can always check out their website, enquire about a certain piece of furniture and have it shipped to the Kolkata outlet.

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