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5 Running Groups You Can Join To Train For Marathons, Lose Weight And Keep Fit

These running groups will get you to run a marathon instead of running after your ex – they are all the inspiration you need to lose weight and get fit!

Founded by National level athletes, Striders is a fitness-training oriented group. Looking to train for fitness or a competition? They’ll help you out. Love running and want to discuss it with someone just as crazy about it as you? They are your people. Their training is all-inclusive (literally any one of any age with any body type is considered) and they also do corporate fitness events and summer camps for kids.

Looking for a cheering squad for your next marathon? The Kolkata Running Squad will have your back. The group is a fun and diverse mix of people (as young as 18 and as old as 65 – the latter’s a national hurdles champion) who aim to encourage people to start running. They do everything from long, slow runs and elevation runs to boot camps. 

Meet a group of runners who are all about ‘We Can, We Do’. These passionate pros also engage in social activities, promote social causes and raise awareness. They are also enthusiastic about cross-fit training and encourage their runners to swim, cycle, do yoga and keep themselves mentally healthy.

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