Sizzle And Shine: A Handy List Of Popular Sizzler Haunts In Town

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Does the sound of that dramatic hiss of steam and that aroma of seared steak wafting through the air conjure up an image of the server approching your table with the most perfect sizzling dish ever made? Well, you’re in for a treat, here’s our list of places you can get your sizzler fix from.

Peter Cat

When you ponder about restaurants that serve the best sizzlers in the city, Peter Cat should legit be the first name to pop up. Mostly famous for its sizzling sizzlers, Peter Cat’s chicken steak sizzler is pure nostalgia, while the tandoori mixed grill sizzler (must try) is a mouth-watering wonder. If you happen to visit with a big group, order the house special (chicken steak with sausages and liver), and of course how can one forget the legendary chello kebab.

The Bikers Cafe

This bike-themed cafe at the Platinum Mall on Elgin Road has everyone impressed with its vibe, decor and lip-smacking food. The Mexican chipotle chicken sizzler (served with Mexican rice, tortilla chips and pico da gallo) makes for a pretty sizzling venture.  


Love sizzlers? Go to Mocambo - one restaurant that is on everyone’s wish list. The sizzlers served here are a class apart, as they call it, ‘out of the fire, and into the pan’. Be it the Surf & Turf (a combo of fresh prawn and tender chateaubriand beef steak with pepper sauce) or pork sirloin steak or mutton hamburger steak, just the sizzler menu here will leave you salivating. 


Love seafood? Love sizzlers? Marry the two and we have just the place for you. The Grilled Seafood Sizzler at Oasis will hit all the right notes on a rainy Sunday or winter afternoon. The Pork Sizzler and Indian Mixed Grilled Sizzler in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are also amazing. On a diet? Don’t fret, the low calorie charcoal grilled sizzler will ensure you don’t binge too much.

The Steak and Grill

Their sizzlers come with generous dollops of the most amazing mashed potato ever (creamy and delicious). Try out the grilled bhetki sizzler and thank us later.

Wow Momo

Adventurous enough to try sizzler momo? This platter consists of rice/noodles served with panfried momo and steamed momo on skewers with a side of veggies, available in both veg and non-veg option.  Each platter is placed at an affordable rate and at the same time is very filling.


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