Steamed Or Fried: Indulge In Hot Momos From These Mumbai Joints

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How many times have you had a friend from the North East cry a river about how hard it is to find decent momos in Mumbai? Or if you hail from the North, do you feel like you’ve experienced something close to salvation when you spot a small momo stall tucked away in a corner, overpowered by the presence of bhajiyas and Chinese bhel?

We’re playing soothsayer and telling you that those cravings will end. These are some of our favourite momo spots in the city to hit when the craving does.

Kepchaki Momos, Khar

If you ask a Bandra native about where to find momos, they’ll probably direct you to Carter Road. The outlet was previously outside Lassi Te Paronthe, but has now moved outside Carter’s Blue, opposite Cafe Coffee Day. They serve impeccable pork momos with their signature garlic chilly sauce, served in a bamboo container. Apart from our regular momos, they also have chicken momos with mint and also basil (we don’t need any more convincing).

Shell Out: INR 100 for a plate of chicken momos, INR 110 for paneer momos, INR 90 for vegetarian momos (each plate has six momos)

New Sernyaa, Malad West

The ‘burbs are home to quite a few good casual dining restaurants, and New Sernyaa is hailed as the place to go to if one wants to satiate their craving for a good hot bowl of thukpa or momos. With one outlet in Andheri and one in Malad, the pace is buzzing with office-goers and ardent momo fans. You know where to head now when the dreaded 6pm stomach grumble ensues.

Shell Out: INR 120 for a plate of chicken momos, INR 110 for vegetarian momos, and INR 160 for a plate of pork momos (each plate has six momos) 

RJ's Bhukkha Sher, Andheri

Delhi people who yearn for that chatpata taste (but not particularly teekha), please head to RJ’s Bhukkha Sher: also a good spot if you hate the sweet butter chicken generally served in the city. Not only that, Delhi natives who love QD’s in North/ South Campus, say hi to tandoori momos in Mumbai.

Shell Out: INR 250 for a plate of tandoori chicken momos, INR 220 for vegetarian momos (each plate has eight momos)

Everest Momos, Andheri

One of the few places to serve wheat momos, they serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos at a reasonable price. A big shout-out to them for not making them expensive just because they’re healthy. They have an interesting mix of momo stuffings-spinach and corn, mushroom and corn, chicken cheese schezwan and chicken cheese momos.

Shell Out: INR 50 for vegetarian and INR 60 for chicken momos (each plate has eight momos)

Taste Of Darjeeling, Andheri

Taste of Darjeeling is a little stall of paneer and chicken momos, run by two very humble men from Darjeeling. And you will spot them right opposite to the old Chai Coffi joint near the Versova Beach. They're bang opposite the cafe, and right next to a bus stop. Apart from the white dumplings, they keep healthy Thukpas for INR 80. From 6 PM to 9:30 PM, you can see people flocking to their small cart. 

Shell Out: INR 80 for chicken momos and INR 60 for vegetarian momos (each plate has eight pieces)

Dumpling Khang, Santacruz

 A small hole-in-the-wall eatery called Dumpling Khang sits hidden in Santacruz East. They have over 12 types of momos and so many types of thukpas (aloo thukpa or thukpa with momos in it, anyone?) And here’s what we found extremely innovative- their momo burgers, and Nutella momos. If you're a vegetarian, go for a plate of pan-fried veggie momos with a lovely sweet-and-spicy sauce.

Shell Out: INR 90 for half a plate of chicken and veg momos.

Disclaimer: only open for deliveries.

Dev's Momos Hut, Worli

Eight pieces for only INR 80? It's a steal, right? And they're delicious too. Dev's hut is a popular momo joint in Worli and we love how authentic it is (just like you're having homemade momos in the hills.) They open at 5:30 every evening, and if you're getting the momos parcelled, it is better to eat them within four to five hours. 

Shell Out: INR 70 for eight veg momos and INR 80 for eight chicken momos

M&M Momos, Mazagaon

A popular go-to in the vicinity, M&M Momos is offering our yummy classic momos which will make you drool. Apart from their good mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, they're also serving chocolate momos. Definitely try their corn chilli, paneer, chicken peri peri momos. They've also got options for whole wheat momos.   

Shell Out: INR 80 for six classic chicken and schezwan momos. 


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