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Twin It To Win It: This Store Sells Classy Customised Gowns For You And Your Kid

Never underestimate the quiet lanes of Khar, for they always will surprise you. We were searching for a particular grocery store, but ended up bumping into a cutesy gown store called the Pink Cow. While the exteriors did fascinate us, it was the collection inside the store that took our breath away. Here's why. 

What Makes It Awesome

We've always ransacked our mum's wardrobe to try and emulate her fashion. Every little girl likes following her mother's footsteps, doesn't she? And Pratima Anand, the owner of Pink Cow, has taken our tiny desire quite seriously. She makes vintage and classy gowns for not only the tiny tots, but also a matching outfit for the mothers. Now, isn't that cute? 

The frocks and gowns for children come under the Princess collection, and they start from INR 2,000 onward. They're frilly, peachy, and elegant. Pink Cow also has cotton dresses, and in case you want customised clothing for your birthday, or any other special occasion, hit them up. 

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