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The Most Beautiful Store In Mumbai Is Tucked Away In A Tiny Lane

What Is It?

On a hot summer afternoon, we decided to slip into our favourite cotton dress and Oxfords to look our stylish best as we made our way to No Borders Shop. What’s so special about it, you wonder? Well, everything. Tucked away in the narrow bylanes of Khotachiwadi is Mumbai’s new concept store, started by stylist Kanika Karvinkop. Now, we’re big fans of this gorgeous Portuguese hamlet that’s bang in the middle of the city, but we’re also lovers of James Ferreira’s 200-year-old mansion right there. So when we heard the store was inside this gorgeous bungalow, we knew exactly what we were in for – pure magic.

Tell Me More

Dedicated to vintage fashion and artwork, No Borders Shop has a timeless collection. Walk into the store and get welcomed by the mind-blowing set-up. Colourful lights donning the ceiling, old-school, retro flooring and plenty of antique furniture – the whole shebang awaits you. But just as you’re falling in love with the beauty of the space, you will be distracted by the carefully-handpicked vintage clothes and accessories. When we say vintage, we mean it. There are Gatsby-style bags from the 1920s, an original Vogue Paris dress from the 70s, a metallic mesh top by Ferreira from the 90s and so on.

This is the only store we know in the city that helps promote artists from across the world. There are accessories made by designers in Israel, clothes from Peru {most expensive but most stunning}, bags from Pakistan, artwork from Afghanistan, designs from Mexico and whatnot. True to their name, this shop has no borders. Priced between INR 5,000 to INR 25,000, on sale is also furniture from Ferreira’s personal collection. Kanika has been carefully restoring the items, refurbishing old sofa sets, and polishing up vintage make up kits.

Anything else?

Adding to its existing charm is the sit-out area downstairs. Surrounded by greenery, it’s the perfect place to sit and read a book at, or enjoy a cuppa after you’re done with all your shopping. Kanika tells us the store will also have a few live gigs, and we can only imagine what it would be like to listen to melodious tunes sitting in this heritage mansion.

Now, don’t waste any time and make your way to No Borders Shop. You will thank us later, we bet.

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