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A Classic Trim, Hair Spa Or Massage: Men, Solve Your Grooming Woes At These Salons

Zac Effron’s messy hair or Brad Pitt’s slicked back hair? Can’t decide which one suits you the best? Then, bookmark these men's salons across budgets from around the city to get a new look this summer. 

This is truly one of Mumbai’s most iconic barber shops serving its loyal clientele for over 60 years now. Right next to the popular Asiatic store, you’ll see every type of customer – from professional office goers to teenagers. From classic haircuts which starts at INR 170, they have a range of services which have evolved over the years. Another popular service of Air Cool is a relaxing head massage which costs just 160. So, if you’re looking for quality service with a tight budget, this place is for you. 

Spoiler alert: For members only! This little salon is tucked away in one of the most popular clubs in Mumbai – CCI. So, only its members can avail the benefits of these services. The salon provides a complete range of hair and skincare services – from a de-stressing head massage to professional hair spa treatments. If you want a normal haircut, you pay just INR 70 and if you want to go for a bit of styling then it’s INR 120.   

The world’s oldest and best hair and grooming men’s salon, Truefitt and Hill will put you in fine company with clientele such as Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens and Frank Sinatra. But all of this comes at a cost. Their most popular service is the Royal Shave which is a 45 minutes shave and includes face clean up and massage. This comes at a steep cost of INR 2,200. Interested in a haircut? Their Classic Haircut, which includes a hair wash, starts at INR 1,700 and upwards. Well, if you want a head massage as well, it will cost you a little more being INR 2,200. So if you wish to be among royalty, head to their multiple branches in Colaba, Lower Parel, Peddar Road and other spots across the city. 

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