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Vanilla, Jackfruit & Cheesecake: Chennai's got ice-cream for all palates. Know the best places to grab the perfect scoop of ice-cream in Chennai.

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Chocolate Addicts! Give In To Your "Freakshake" Cravings At This Dessert Parlour


Chocolate Heaven on TTK Road may actually have desserts that are way too sinful to eat. Have you tried their Wagon Freakshakes or belly-filling sundaes yet?

What Makes It Awesome

Have you ever heard of a choco-coma? That’s probably what’s going to happen to you once you’ve stepped out of this place. For all you dessert gluttons, Chocolate Heaven in Alwarpet has a couple of sweet surprises. Start your day here (in heaven of course) and order yourself a plate of chocolate waffles or pancakes, with chocolate sauce, ice cream, and fresh fruits. They also have Belgian Chocolate, Honey, Marshmallow and Nutella waffles. But wait a minute, is there anything better than dipping soft marshmallows and tangy berries into a pot of hot, gooey chocolate fondue? Drool.

Whatever your craving is (for the day) slip yourself into sin and order away! Find shake versions of all your favourite chocolates – there’s Kit Kat Shake, Mars Shake, Ferrero Rocher Shake, M & Ms Shake; if you love coconut there’s Bounty Shake and for those who love peanut butter, there’s always Snickers Shake. Mmm, yum!

But if you’re feeling adventurous try their signature Wagon Freakshakes at INR 300. There’s the Chocolate Mud Pot – a milkshake in a chocolate coated jar (say what?) with Belgian waffles chocolate sticks, ganache and a tower of whipped cream. Or how about the Wild Blueberry – a blueberry flavoured milkshake in a blueberry sauce-coated jar, ganache with gems and a cookie sandwich. They do offer dishes that are non-chocolate related as well like – pastas, burgers and pizzas (and they’re all vegetarian).

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