Keep Cool & Slurp On The Best Kulfis At These Places In Chennai

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It's never a bad time to have a kulfi. We made a list of the best kulfi places in Chennai, for you to find your favourite flavours. Get scrolling.

Bombay Kulfi

Little do people know that Bombay Kulfi is a Coimbatore-based brand, but they do, however, sell Bombay-style kulfis. Right from finding the right milk to coming up with interesting flavours such as the chocolate chip, Bombay Kulfi is a must-try place for all kulfi lovers. We recommend trying the Tender Coconut Kulfi which was our favourite.

For more about Bombay Kulfi, click here.


Another Bombay-style kulfi shop, Kulfiwala located at Moores Road, Nungambakkam, is the only store on this list that’s open from 12 PM to 12 AM. That’s right, satiate those late post-dinner sugar cravings at here, with their usual lineup of kulfis.  One can get flavours like badam and pista, and also the funky flavours such as Mewa Chiki, which has actual pieces of chikki in it! There’s also a Meetha paan flavour that’s super popular.

Chennai Kulfi

With 30 branches across Tamil Nadu, you’re never too far from a Chennai Kulfi outlet. They’re the second-largest kulfi brand on this list and focus on making a wide variety of kulfis for super cheap prices. You can try their jackfruit kulfi and cranberry kulfi, just for INR 50!

Kulfi House

Being the biggest name on this list, Kulfi House doesn’t just serve kulfis, they also serve kulfi milkshakes, kulfi faloodas, and regular ice cream. They’ve got 60 different kinds of kulfis and a separate list for matka kulfis! Speaking of matka kulfis, our favourites were the classic malai kulfi and their super-rich kesar badam pista kulfi.

Mhaian Kulfi

The name Mhaian Kulfi literally translates to magical kulfi. This is a brand which was started in 2012 and have set-up outlets around Chennai. But their main sales happen through supermarkets like More and others. However, we recommend checking out their own kulfi parlour, as they make some really unique kulfis, including a coconut kulfi served in a coconut shell!

Dreams Kulfi

Dreams Kulfi is probably the most widely available kulfi brand on this list because the brand doesn't have a physical shop. You can buy kulfi from their pushcarts or stalls set-up in popular areas like Bessy and Marina Beach. Their regular badam and pista flavours are super tasty, and of all the entries on this list, they’re the best equipped to handle large orders. 

Nithya Tambool Paan And Kulfi Shop

Started in 1979, this tiny paan shop outside the Eden restaurant in Besant Nagar, is known for its paan and kulfis. The shop opens only in the evening and is run by an elderly gentleman named Mohan. His paan draws crowds from all over the city and his kulfis first became famous among his paan patrons. Made fresh every day, his kulfis are some of the sweetest and creamiest we’ve had. Needless to say, if you’re in Bessy post 7 PM and looking for something sweet, stop by this amazing shop.