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This Ramzan, Here's Where You Can Feast On Iftar Food In Chennai

If you thought Chennai was falling short on iftar delicacies, then don’t you worry. We discovered more than just one bustling lane of food for you this Ramzan.

The food hunt at George Town’s Mannady Street begins at Kabab Centre. The small corner shop has on display some mouth-watering Tangadi and Reshmi Kebabs. What we would highly recommend from this Iftar hub are the Beef Sheek and Chicken rolls. Not your ordinary rolls, these thick rolls are wrapped with Rumali Rotis with some delicious fresh beef and shredded chicken. Get this for just INR 60.

Feeling ravenous? Try the Jumbo Beef Roll, they also have Tandoori chicken apart from kebabs.

Down the same road is one of the original Alreef branches. The boys here sell around 300 shawarmas a day and these fat rolls are super filling. While the normal ones priced at INR 80 come with chicken pieces, cabbage, and white garlic sauce, you could also request the Special Shawarmas for INR 100. These are the ones that come with only the meat and are best to break your fast with!

At the end of Mannady Street is Hatimy’s with its huge line up of fried food to break your fast. The crowd starts building at 4pm in the evening and goes on till late at night. Best delicacies we tried from here are the Tangadi Kebabs, Lucknowi Sheekh, Hungama Chicken topped with wontons and the Breaded Kebabs. Get delicious food for as low as INR 40 here.

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