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Karaoke & Live Music Nights At 49er's, Colva


An evening of karaoke and drinks is a refreshing change from the usual Goan nightlife. So hit 49er’s in Colva for a memorable night with your squad.

What Is It?

Open air seating, neon lighting and nice music, head to 49er’s to enjoy local cuisine and sing to your hearts content. If you’re not upto singing, enjoy the performances by others or listen to the pop music that plays outdoors.

What Should I Eat?

Locals and visitors swear by the chicken cafreal as one of the finest in Goa. So make sure you try it and see whether you’re agree. Their red snapper preparations and the Love in Goa cocktail is also worthy of a try.


An unconventional approach to Goa’s nightlife, chill here with your squad and take those Snapchat videos of embarrassing karaoke performances!

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