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More Biryani? Goa Has A New Awadhi Food Restaurant & It Looks Like A Mini Haveli

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What Makes It Awesome

The Awadh House in Panjim is an Awadhi restaurant that’s a celebration of all things nawabi. From melt-in-the-mouth kebabs to the famous Lucknowi biryani, they’re recreating time-cherished recipes inside a regal, haveli-looking space.

The restaurant, spread over two floors, is a visual treat. From ornate chandeliers to priceless art, this intriguing combination of Art Deco and Persian styles of architecture is grand, to say the least. Soon as you enter, you’re transported to the times of the glorious harmoniums and brass cutlery, when moderation wasn’t really on the menu.

Once you’ve soaked in all the finery, you can comfortably surrender into the hands of the kitchen staff. Know that in true nawabi style, you’ll be well fed and well looked after through your multiple courses. While we went with a ravenous appetite, you won’t be disappointed even if you want just a plate of Nahari with some scotch on the rocks. We, of course, sampled a lot of small plates and have to say that our heart still lies with the perfectly made dahi kebabs and galauti kebabs. This barra kebab and chicken biryani got mixed reviews on the table but we’re going to try them out once more before we can take sides.

The undisputed winner at The Awadh House, was their Dal Awadh. Now, one would think it isn’t rocket science to cook good dal but this dal is something else. Cooked overnight on a charcoal fire, it is thick, creamy and utterly delicious. We suggest having this with the varki paratha and you’ll what we mean.

For a fitting end to the meal, we were treated to gulab jamun and gulab halwa (we’ll have another gulab jamun, please, because what else can you expect from a homesick North Indian?). While we didn’t try the paan burfi, we overheard praises being lavished on it from the neighbouring table — we’ve taken a mental note to try it again the next time.

What Could Be Better

The cocktails might be a bit harsh for some of us. 


They even take bookings for conferences, dinner parties and get-togethers and have the advantage of keeping things as intimate or formal as you'd like thanks to the many rooms they've got.