Gadbad Ice Cream Is The Only Flavour Most Ice-Cream Lovers Haven't Had

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Do you like ice-cream so much that you’ve gotten a stomach ache because of it? Go and try the gadbad ice-cream at Hotel Saurabh in Colaba. It’s all the deliciousness, minus the tummy ache.

What’s The Confusion?

This small Indian restaurant that goes by the name of Hotel Saurabh in Colaba serves up this crazy Indian combination and makes it into an ice-cream. Something like a sundae, this is a custard-ice-cream combo in a glass. It has dates, pistachios, fruits like pineapple, papaya, banana in a custard. This is combined with a lot of vanilla ice-cream. Then, a bit of jelly is plopped upon it. {this ice-cream style is super popular in Mangalore, by the way}.

The jelly, we must say, was neither the cherry nor icing on the cake. In fact, we could have done without you. But do tell us what you think.

Need To Know

There are three things to know here: a. Be careful with the ice-cream. When we dug our spoon it, we managed to fling the ice-cream scoop out on to the table. Not embarrassing at all. b. Madonna and Shantaram’s writer Gregory David also have enjoyed their share of gadbad ice cream here, as is displayed proudly on the walls of this humble-esque restaurant. c. They also have an extensive list of other snacks, pav bhaji, soup, punjabi food, Chinese main food and milkshakes here. You really don’t have to stop at the dessert.

So, We’re Saying…

Burn off your calories on a run here, and then gobble them all back with this ice-cream. Sounds like a bad plan? We did say it was a gadbad idea.


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