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We Tried Out The Only Mumbai Gym That Stays Open For 24 Hours

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We were pretty surprised when we realised that Mumbai has only one gym that is open around the clock – and decided that we had to give it a try in the dead of the night.

Stay Out, Work Out

Many gyms in the city claim to be open for ’24 hours’, but most of them shut around 2am and open again at 6am. We were surprised when we realised that there was only one gym fitting this criteria in Mumbai – Anytime Fitness in Andheri.

So for all the nocturnal birds who would rather sweat it out at 3am than watch endless episodes of Game Of Thrones {whatever floats your boat. We’re Team Lannister}, we decided to drop by at 4am, after previously informing the gym that we would be coming for a trial run at some point of the day.

We were given a provisional entry card which we could use to enter the gym at any point of time. With one swipe, we were inside the gym, which is located opposite the Infiniti Mall in Andheri West. The location is very non-shady. Even at 4am, the area is well-lit, without any random stragglers. The gym itself is locked and secure, with a guard stationed outside who was pretty happy to see us. After we entered, we didn’t have to interact with anyone again, since the gym was totally empty.

Even at 4am, the AC was on blast, the music was on and all the machines were gleaming and ready for use. We might have hit the ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to cleaning schedules, since the gym looked like it had just been wiped down. We worked out for about 45 minutes, and it was surprisingly invigorating for the middle of the night. Also, we recommend this to those people who are a little self-conscious about working out in front of others – you can always hit Anytime Fitness in the middle of the night without agonising about the public scrutiny.

Anything Else?

The gym is open for 24 hours, always has security and has parking facilities. They also have {very clean} restrooms, showers as well as televisions blasting cardio workouts. Their equipment includes treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise cycles, circuit training equipment, free weights, racks, and plate-loaded weights.

So, We're Saying...

Definitely check this gym out if you’re a late worker, or in fact even prefer to keep night hours for your most strenuous activities – at the gym, of course.