Get Healthy Cupcakes And Jams Home-Delivered From This Bandra Home Baker


    Who doesn’t enjoy some sweet indulgence every now and then? Meet Bake This Way, a home bakery in Bandra that delivers some delicious desserts to your doorstep.

    Chow Down

    For Rhea Mirchandani, her interest in baking started way back in her teens, when she would enjoy whipping up desserts in the comfort of her kitchen to suit her family’s needs. As time went by, this passion kept increasing and that is when she realised how much she enjoyed doing it. She decided to take this a step further and that is how Bake This Way {BTW} was born.

    At BTW, your choices can range from tea cakes to cookies, not to forget cupcakes with eggless versions available on request. The granola bars and rocky road cupcakes are their bestsellers. The highlight of BTW is that it specialises in healthy products which means no flour, no sugar, no butter, and goodness of homemade jams (no sugar added). To add more to it, BTW does cupcake decoration demos for pre-school kids, kids birthday parties, play dates, etc.

    For further inquiries and orders you can call on +91 9987826665 or mail them on

    So We're Saying...

    Think no more, just go ahead and place your very first order of guilt-free indulgence.