Wiggle, Wiggle: Make Your Instagram Lit With These Spectacular 3D Jelly Cakes

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What Is It?

Have you reached a point where you are out of options when you have to buy a ‘unique’ birthday cake for a friend? Well, Bhookh Bungla in Powai is here to rescue you with their amazing 3D Jelly Cakes that are taking the Internet by storm.

Chow Down

3D Jelly Cakes are one of the many unique items Bhook Bungla serves {including ice cream in a churro bowl}. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, they taste yum and hold the potential to create a rage on your Insta timeline. Typically, a 3D jelly cake has a transparent base with floral wreaths placed inside it in a unique fashion. An entire flower is put inside the cake using special syringes that create a neat and symmetrical design by spurting colours inside the cake. The cake is made with edible food colouring and gelatin is added to make the consistency even.

The 3D jelly cake is available in two sizes. The 250 ml one is available for INR 200 and the 600 ml cake is available for INR 550. You can also customize your cake picking your preferred flavours, colours and designs.

So, We're Saying...

We cannot think of a better surprise to give on someone’s birthday. So, if you are one of those foodies who are up for trying experimental stuff, you know where to head!