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    Indian Travellers, Listen Up: Contiki's Curated Trips To Europe Are Unmissable

    Vaishnavi posted on 03 November

    What Is It?

    For more than 50 years, Contiki, a family-run establishment has been curating trips around the globe- across six continents – Europe, Asia, USA Canada, Australia, NZ, Latin America. Whether you want to travel solo or just tick-off destinations from your wanderlust list, they have eight different travel styles to give you the freedom to choose. As a country, we love the idea of travelling no matter what season it is. And Europe has always been one for the bucket list. Luckily for us, Contiki is here to make that dream come true. Meet like-minded travelers across the globe {aged 18-35}, enjoy locally-sourced meals and travel in sleek Wi-Fi-enabled coaches with comfortable seats, sound systems and TVs. Get in vacay mode now and start booking your trip on Contiki!

    Ethereal European Magic

    Indulge yourself in the crazy cafe culture of Amsterdam, sip freshly-brewed coffees and admire the beauty of Jordan {flanked by indie boutiques, pubs and street-side cafes}. or stroll on the well-lit wooden bridges in Paris where the Eiffel tower will make you fall in love all over again. The tour covers 8 countries with its spot on itinerary where you won’t miss out on any popular tourist attractions. So, savour the real German Riesling wine in Rhine Valley, cruise through the Lucerne river and explore Munich on a bicycle. Here’s where you can get all the information!

    Croatia Island Hopper

    Make all your dreams come true with this fun-filled island hopping tour. The tour starts with Dubrovnik, where the walls became King’s Landing moving on to beautiful Trsteno Arboretum on the outskirts of the city, which becomes the Red Keep’s gardens and so on and so forth. {some GoT facts for the fans}. The tiny islands of Croatia are secluded, making it even more special. Sunbathe at Split and witness the stunning sundowners at Hvar. This trip will bring out both the calm and party animal in you. Here’s all the information required to book it!

    Eat, Drink, Love

    Paris is home to the Eiffel tower {the symbol of love}, breathtaking fashion, unique fragrances and extensive varieties of cheese – take a stroll at night and you’ll be awestruck by how well it’s dressed up in lights. Also the little town on the outskirts of Paris, commune of Fontainebleau where Château de Fontainebleau, a French royal palace stands tall and gracefully awaits to welcome you. Contiki travellers get an exclusive accommodation at Chateau de Cruix- a 16th-century French castle in the Beaujolais region of rolling vineyards. All these beautiful sights in Venice, Rome and Florence are guaranteed to get you weak in your knees. So warm up and book your tickets right here.  

    Simply Italy

    In Italy, the definition of beauty changes slightly and the ruins become beautiful. Right from Rome to Pisa, your travel experience will be a lot more than sightseeing. This 12-day tour is a perfect mix of history, love, culture, fashion and gastronomical experiences in the most exciting way. Learn to make authentic pizza in Italy, sip on the oldest wines and let yourself wander under the golden Tuscan sun. Italy transforms you and eventually, you’ll carry a little bit of it everywhere you go. So bookmark this destination right away!

    Eastern Rocker

    For the ones with little holidays in hand and big travel dreams, this awesomely curated 8-day trip starring 7 locations is a lifesaver. From experiencing vast Netherland skies to exploring the hidden architectural treasure in Brussels, along with the little bit of French touch and German love will end the trip on a happy note. Book your tour here with multiple dates to choose from which bests suits your schedule.

    But that’s not all folks, Contiki will not only give you a wonderful traveling experience but help you create new bonds, make you understand new cultures in the most exciting way and give you the luxury of wandering around the city to explore. You’ll also come across some beautiful souls who’ll then become another reason to travel with Contiki again! Known lifestyle and fashion blogger Santoshi Shetty experienced it first hand and her journey was out there for everyone to see on social media. Honestly, it was nothing short of a dream come true! With their office situated in Mumbai, you can walk in or contact Team Contiki on +919769831116/+912226143300. For more details on the packages that best suit your taste and personality, visit their website. Follow their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be travel-inspired!

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