Get Some 'Luchi-Mangsho' Home Delivered From Aamra Bangali

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What Makes It Awesome

If you've been working in the city of dreams but missing your city of joy, then get yourself some gobsmacking Bengali thalis from Aamra Bengali. It's perfect for times when you're away from your fam, but want to have food that has a taste pretty similar to your 'maa ke haath ka khaana'. Here's what we love! 

We obviously devoured the starters first and were pretty impressed with their beetroot vegetable chop and the fish fry. If you're fond of brinjals then you must call in for their beguni, a fried and besan-coated brinjal that tastes so good you'll want more (keep some Eno handy though) For mains, we got ourselves a Tangra Thali (Tangra is basically a fresh-water fish) that had some rice, moong daal with peas, a seasonal vegetable, the fish curry cooked in mustard, and some sweet chutney. For INR 280, it was quite a wholesome meal. And because our appetite's too big, we dared to call for some Chicken Dum biryani that's prepared in Kolkata's special style (with alot of potatoes, and less gravy) To accompany the biryani, there was some Chicken Dak Bungalow, which again is a delicacy (We don't know where the name comes from though, but tell us if you do)

For desserts, we ate some Payesh and Pantua (both were too sweet but we ain't complaining 'coz they really were value-for-money)  You could also do a combination of Bengali Mishti Pulao with some Aloo Phulkopir Daalna, or maybe some steamed rice with Shukto. And if you like it rich, call for some Luchi with Aloor Dom and Kosha Mangsho. This deadly combination takes you closer to Nirvana, really. So basically what we mean to say is that Bengali or not, you must bookmark Aamra Bangali for sure. Bon appétit


Everything is within a range of INR 100 and INR 300, which in our opinion is pretty pocket-friendly.