Trying Ether's Chestnut Chocolate for the First Time

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CHESTNUT Tablet Chocolate

CHESTNUT Tablet Chocolate


What Makes It Awesome

Ether's chocolates are... Well, ethereal. Judging by this one bar, I can tell that the flavours are painstakingly crafted, and put together with a rare finesse, which demands that you savour every bite.

This isn't a lazy mix of nuts and chocolate. It's a delicate dance of flavours that amazes you. That develops as you eat it. It really does taste gorgeous! And that must be why it's so pricey. But hey, you can save this for a special occasion!

I can see myself treating me to this on payday, and then thinking about this for the rest of the month. Because goddamn, this was right up there with the most luscious chocolates I've tried!

Price: INR 575