We Need To Talk! This Men’s Wellness Brand Just Might Be The Need Of The Hour

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    What Makes It Awesome

    It’s rare when men open up in general, and more so when it's about matters that concern the body and mental health. And one such brand that has attempted to break this norm is Man Matters. A one-of-a-kind online portal that helps men look and feel their best by providing a platform that understands men, identifies their needs and provides long-lasting wellness solutions led by doctors and co-created by experts. 

    One of the biggest concerns with men has always been about their hair care and hair loss. Men usually avoid visiting dermatologists/trichologists to get to the root cause, and it's not their fault. With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, they don't usually access expert help for matters of hair. Who wants to spend hours waiting to meet a trichologist? So, one ends up trying everything and anything without expert help and without consistency or getting any results. Resolving hair fall woes isn’t something a single product can fix. It needs to be an enriching experience with a regimen-based holistic solution. This is where Man Matters comes into the picture with wellness tips and doctors. Seeking expert help and customised solutions to your problems are just a click away. For every male who is facing hair related issues, they make dermatologists and expert’s help more accessible, right from the comfort of homes.

    Man Matters will recommend solutions that are co-created with dermatologists, after studying your lifestyle and your problems in detail. Not sure where to begin? Talk to a doctor at Man Matters via a free online doctor consultation and get a holistic wellness report. Post that, you will be recommended a customised regimen immediately. The recommendation is tailor-made to ensure a holistic approach to looking after your hair. Here is what a Man Matters regimen looks like: 

    CLEAN your scalp: The first step is to always ensure a clean and dirt-free scalp. The Man Matters Anti Hair Fall Shampoo removes dead skin, oil, and sweat that are clogging your hair follicles. This is the only DHT Blocking shampoo with Biotin & Caffeine in India.

    NOURISH your body: Next, ensuring your body is receiving the right nutrition for your scalp and for your hair follicles to grow, is important. Products such as Hair growth gummies are filled with biotin, zinc, and hair-friendly multivitamins to ensure a healthy growth environment for your hair. 

    GROW your hair: Once you have the fundamental nutrition and cleanliness in place, products such as Minoxidil will expedite your hair growth by stimulating and activating your hair follicles. When used consistently, not only will your hair loss slow, but chances are you will see hair regrowth in areas where you were losing too much hair. 

    PROTECT your hair strands: And lastly, damaged hair strands are more likely to break and cause hair fall. Strengthening your hair strands with products such as Man Matter’s hair serum will lock moisture in your hair strands and reduce chances of hair fall. 

    Man Matters recognizes that one of the reasons we find it difficult to incorporate wellness into our lifestyle is that it comes in boring products and form factors. Thus, they are committed to making products in very interesting form factors such as sugar-free Biotin gummies, sugar-free ACV Gummies, and even sugar-free Biotin Chocolate (launching soon!), thus making the pursuit of wellness fun and enjoyable. Along with this, Man Matters provides you with life long access to virtual doctor consultations and regular follow-ups.


    Taking care of one’s wellness is important and Man Matters will give you that much-needed hand holding to take the necessary steps towards better wellbeing. Sexual wellness problems? Hygiene? Weight management? Dry/frizzy hair? They have expert-led solutions for everything. This brand will definitely be worth checking out, we think!

      Available Online