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Siracha Jowar Or Chilli Cheese Bites: This Brands Makes Snacking Healthy!

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What Makes It Awesome

Who doesn’t love snacking! But while we do that, we also have got to take care of our health, eh? Teebite, a homegrown brand, available on Shop On LBB will resolve this dilemma in one go with delish, chatpata bites that are also super healthy.

Teebite not only has high fibre content made out of healthy Indian grains, but they’re also made from less oil and fat content. They’re also gluten free (up to 90%) and nut free. Additionally, vegan peeps, you can rejoice! Teebite snacks are vegan as there is no milk or any animal product used (except for cheese & Peri Peri flavour, which aren’t vegan). If these health benefits haven’t convinced you about how incredible Teebite is, their flavours definitely will. 

If spicy and earthy flavours are your kind of snack, try their Peri Peri Nachni bites. For those who like it hot, tangy, spicy or sweet, pick the Sriracha Jowar, Tandoori Tadka Corn or Mango Jalapeno Jowar bites. Oh, you’re cheese? Then the Chilli Cheese Corn bites are just for you!.  But if tanginess is your thing, try their Lemon Chatka Jowar bites. 

You see? There’s lots to choose from and each of these yummy flavours will appeal to gourmet or casual snackers, alike! 


So, the next time you’re planning to Netflix & chill, make sure you stock up on Teebite and all of their delectable flavours. All you’ve gotta do is place an order.