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A Cafe That Fixes Not Just Hunger Pangs: Drop By Boofiya For Yum Food & Board Games!

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What Makes It Awesome?

So we have a cafe in our neighbourhood named "Boofiya" such a catchy name. Boofiya is an Arabic word meaning a local cafe which fixes right from your breakfast hunger to late-night cravings with quick bites. Well, this one is not only about the food but games also as their tagline suggests dice and spice.
There are cafes which offer board games but what's different about this cafe is that partners cum managers (Harshal and Lyle) take the efforts of introducing new board games to you so that you learn a new game and enjoy your food along with these games with your buddies. And trust me these games are so engrossing that food will be sidelined (talking from my own personal experience 😉) There are A variety of games which I haven't even heard of like Othello, Sequence, of course, other than Jenga, UNO, Chess, etc. For all the virtual game lovers they have PS4 as well.

✨Peach passion fruit
Light and fizzy mocktail to Kickstart your meal. It looks like the flavor won't be strong enough as the colour is a bit dull but trust me there is no compromise on the taste.

✨Ghotala burger 🍔(mutton kheema)
Sloppy burgers are burgers without the patty. I know you might be thinking why are they even calling it burgers if there's no patty. Sloppy burgers are Sandwiches with cooked meat in loose form. The burgers are loaded with the cooked meat in a clumsy manner which makes it more appealing and appetising. I loved the whole concept of sloppy burgers because many times while eating burgers we end up messing it, but you wouldn't they are already messed up, right? (This certainly makes you look good 😉 )
We tried their Ghotala burger which has mutton kheema as meat base topped with a sunny side up and of course covered with soft buns from both sides. So get your tissues and napkins ready to enjoy this wholesome and sludgy meat burger.
I haven't seen any cafes serving sloppy burgers. So surely you should try these when you are visiting Boofiya 'The Home of Sloppy Burgers' (I am sure in the near future they'll be known for their sloppy burgers)

✨El Hombre
This is fries and nachos combination with a generous quantity of salsa sauce and cheese sauce. What I especially liked about this fries was the finely chopped green chillies the essence of Mexican fries which makes it hot and spicy.

✨Vietnamese Ka Phe (coffee)
The method for brewing and serving the coffee is really impressive. The coffee comes with a layer of thick condensed sweetened milk at the bottom of thick glass. The condensed milk is really thick and it doesn't easily get mix with the strong coffee. Caffeine lovers, you know what to order here on your visit.

✨Rebel wings
I have had the spiciest wings to tandoori wings but this was the crunchiest I have ever had. The red chili garlic marination on the wings was full of flavor. This will surely give "Wings to the Rebel inside you 😈"

✨Jenga french toast
What a sporting take on dessert. French toast cut into blocks and stacked up just like the Jenga, drizzled with chocolate syrup and dusted with icing sugar.

I am sure, soon this place is going to be the GO-TO place the teens and youth not only for their lip-smacking and unique dishes but also for interesting board games.

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5 (kudos for taking the efforts of teaching and introducing us to the new game)
Value for money: 4.5/5

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000