Experience The Fanciest Fine Dining At This Restaurant In Dahisar!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Visited this incredible place called Masterchef Lounge. It's located beside link road Dahisar west. I was amazed by the elegant decor and beautiful ambiance. They also have fine dine as well as banquets hall. Also, they provide DJ & Music with Tv For live screening for the matches. Service being prompt here with friendly staff what we liked most was the great food. I would love to thank Chef Lobo for suggesting some amazing dishes. We Ordered the following things:- Starters:- Mumtaz Paneer Tikka:- Paneer Tikka with the Green color base along with the salad was just amazing in taste. The quantity was great. Over the Top Nachos:- Nachos filled with Some amazing varieties of Sauces. Tortilla chips were fresh. The taste was incredible. Chilly Pepper Cottage Cheese:- One of the must-try dishes here. Cottage Cheese was properly Grilled. The amount of spiciness was proper. The paneer pieces were soft. I loved this dish. Chicken Hot Garlic- An amazing Chicken starter dish to try out for. With juicy and fresh Pieces of it, the taste was incredible. Mocktail/Cocktail:- Red Mary Mocktail:- To beat the heat this Cooler mocktail is perfect for you. Go try it. It's sweet and the presentation is good. Guava Spicy:- The presentation is lovely. It comes with a spicy masala on top of it. With guava. The combination is amazing. Main course:- Farmer's fresh Pizza:- The thin crust based pizza was lovely in taste. It comes with exotic Vegetables, black olives, Corns. We loved the taste. Desserts:- Chocolate flourless:- Amazing chocolate pastry with Suger powder on it. The presentation is just lovely and best part of chocolate sauce inside it. It was amazing. Italian Tiramisu:- My favorite thing to try here. The taste is absolutely amazing. It was way sweet. The cream was very fresh. Loved it. Overall I would love to suggest to you all this place. Go dine with your friends, family. You can book for parties also.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group, Kids