A Complete Herbal, Natural And Ayurvedic Hair Mask For Total Hair Damage Control

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     Hair Mask For Total Hair Damage Control from Soap Trails
    Ingredients -

    1. Hibiscus

    2. Brahmi

    3. Amla

    4. Methi / Fenugreek

    5. Bhringaraj

    Benefits -

    1. Bhringraj - Soothes scalp and helps revive hair volume

    2. Fenugreek / Methi - Beneficial against hair fall and dandruff. Treats dryness of hair and hair thining

    3. Amla - Increases hair growth and the Vitamin C helps reduce hair fall

    4. Brahmi - Treats dry scalp, reduces itchiness and prevents split ends

    5. Hibiscus - Provides deep nourishment and boosts blood circulation. It strengthens the roots, and reduces dulling and split ends.

    How to apply -

    Mix it with water and make a paste.

    Apply it mostly on the scalp and tips of your hair. Keep it for at least 30 Mins

    Wash it off with water, no shampoo necessary.

      Available Online