A Traditional Indian Meal In A Contrasting Luxurious Ambience, Check Out This Juhu Cafe Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Butler And Bayleaf is the newest addition to Mumbai's fine dining restaurants with a unique ambience that has a contrasting relation with food served here. The place is located on the first floor of King's International Hotel on Juhu Tara Road. The entrance gives the vintage feels with rustic old images framed on walls and a quaint staircase leading to the restaurant. The ambience has a blue and white shade with beautifully furnished decor and luxurious European style seating which is pleasing.

Their menu, on the other hand, is a traditional North Indian item having a contrast with the ambience. The authentic Indian dishes here are totally worth, excellent flavour and a wonderful execution to each dish will simply delight you, whilst the cocktails here excite you.

Starting with a classic Long Island Iced Tea and Paloma, their signature cocktail made with citrus grapefruit juices and spirited with tequila. The drink has a delicious sourness with a good bitterness from tequila making it quite a refreshment.

Dahi Ke Kebab is a great dish, to begin with, delicious crisp texture stuffed in with creamy curd and tastes brilliant with mint chutney, not to be missed out. Kakori Kebabs, the fame of Lucknow with minced lamb having a melt in mouth texture and the burst of flavourful spices is just extraordinary. A definite go. Chicken Noorani Kebabs and The Butler Prawns are from the other dishes that stand out to be really delicious. The Chicken Noorani has lovely creamy marination to it whilst the Butler prawns are tender with mustard marinade.

Then from the main courses, they had their house special Butter chicken and it does stand up to its price. The tempting look of it and creamy tangy flavours gives the delicious depth in taste and a subtle sweet aftertaste to tempt you for another serving. Priced at a higher-end but definitely worth it.

Indian desserts rich with sweet tastes are the best things that could end a colourful North Indian meal. Desserts here have a modern twist to them, Death By Halwai which has Gulab Jamun with rabdi and chopped pieces of kulfi. Tender Gulab Jamun and bomb of sweetness to taste.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group.