Delicious Buffet At Affordable Rates!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Banjara located at the buzzing location and very much industrialised area at Marol is a hub for families and employees to have a good time with their peers and family. This wonderful restaurant offers an aesthetic ambience with quality service and of course with delicious food.

The attendants are very courteous and they are ready to assist you as soon as your eyes move in search of someone. They make sure to see everything is proper and you having a great time.

We went for a buffet and the food was really delicious and fulfilling when we entered the restaurant it was crowded with 3-4 families having a good time. The staff started serving starters to us one by one, it became quite difficult for me to keep track of the dishes with their names.

Few of the starters which I remember are as follows-

1) Pepper prawns- this was smalls prawn sizzler which had a mild flavour of pepper and it was sweet and spicy.

2)Fish fry- another sizzler, I don't know the name but it was delicious.

3) Fish koliwada- this was my personal favourite, it was spicy and coated with some maida.

4) Vegetarian sizzler- This was a combination of multiple vegetables, which included cauliflower, carrot etc and it was sweet and spicy, it wasn't fully cooked and hence it had a very crispy texture.

5)baby corn- this was another dish which I liked very much, crispy baby corn coated in flour was a must.

Main course-
The main course was a buffet and so we had to go and serve it to ourselves. They had vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes segregated.

Bhareli bhindi, fish curry, mutton, chicken, rice, chicken Manchow soup, biryani etc in their main course. I tried very little as I was already full with the starters but whatever I tried was delicious. Highly recommended.


1) Butterscotch ice-cream
2) Strawberry pastry
3) Tiramisu
4) Chocolate mousse
5) Chocolate cake
6) Rasgulla
7)Milkpeda etc.


1) Blueberry lemonade was a very refreshing drink served at the very start of the dining, the blueberry pulp was in the bottom so mix it well.

2) Kiwi drink was mixed with the spirit which was another great combination I got to try.

My experience was very memorable and everything was really good and organized.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids