A Great Hidden Jewel For Authentic - Thai And Japanese Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

A few of my friends had recommended this joint which serves authentic Thai and Japanese cuisine. This outlet is a tiny joint with just around 4 to 5 tables. If you plan to visit here post 8:00 pm weekday or weekend you would need to wait it out for at least 40 minutes. Recommend you dropping early. Booking is not encouraged due to the size of this place. No compromise on the food being served. Interiors are plain and simple, clean and does what its best at, which is serving good food.

The menu is decent with healthy yet limited options. The pricing is however steep if you have to compare it to another PAN ASIAN cuisine around BANDRA/ SANTA CRUZ. Quantity is good and the staff are super responsive.

My wife & I had ordered the following: (2 people)

> Miso Soup with Chicken - Rated 5/5**
> Thai Butterfly Pea Juice - Rated 4/5
> California Roll - Rated 5/5**
> Chicken Katsu Curry - Rated 4/5
> Grilled Pork - Rated 3.5/5

The soup was lovely with the perfect Ramen broth taste served with generous chunks of Chicken. Butterfly Pea Juice was purple in colour with an edible flower adding a nice touch to it. Refreshing and a smooth floral tasting drink.

The Californi Roll or more famously called as the inside out roll was served to perfection with the sticky rice forming the outside base while the Nori the Seaweed sheet is on the inside. The Chicken Katsu Curry is the Japanese version of Grandmamas rice and meat curry combo served together in a combo. The chicken comes in boneless pieces and crunchy from the outside.

The Grilled Pork was, however, a bit too strong on the sauce used. Personally, a big fan when it comes to Pork and red meat so had expected more out of this.

Definitely, Blue's Kitchen is a must visit and a place to be bookmarked!!

What Could Be Better?

Spacing. Since this is a small tiny joint (4 to 5 tables) and most times you would land up waiting.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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