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This Newbie In Bandra Serves Amazing Pizzas, Shakes & More!

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What Makes It Awesome?

La Pino's Pizza is a fairly new entrant which is receiving a positive word of mouth across the food industry. So, I had to try this and here I am. They have 8 outlets in Mumbai so far which is less if you compare to the leading pizza restaurant chain which has 138 outlets in Mumbai so far but with the quality, they are serving they can quickly scale up. We went to the outlet of Bandra which is located between the linking road and pali hill. It is a very small outlet and has a seating capacity of just 13-14 people which is a drawback because they are so good at what they do they should expect more footfalls soon and to handle them they need space.

We went in the afternoon and we got a table, fortunately. The interior of the outlet is cute and hygienic. The service was quick. They had a lot of orders through Zomato and Swiggy even on a weekday which tells you something about them. Even while serving them they had a quick turnaround to our order. These types of places are called QSR - Quick service restaurants as opposed to the regular restaurants which are called FSR - Full-Service Restaurants. They have a lot of variety in the menu but limited options in each category.tiesThis is a new entrant ins the


La pino's Bandra outlet is known for it's Cold Coffee and Oreo Shake but we were not in a mood to have anything chocolaty hence we chose MINT MOJITO - it was very refreshing and tasted like Spout (remember the good old chewing gum?). This beverage has a perfect minty taste and has a lot of ice so, it is very cold to consume. If someone doesn't like too much ice, they should tell the server beforehand.

We tried a shake as well which was again non-chocolaty - It is called BLUEBERRY SHAKE; This is a perfect shake with a rich lather, great colour and looked perfect. The shakes here are served with a broader straw which is better as opposed to the thinner ones. This beverage tastes very much like blueberry and I love blueberry so I had to love this shake too. A must recommend one.


La Pino's is also known for Garlic Bread, Cheesy Pizza, Veggie Pizza & White Sauce Pasta. We opted for the first two. We ordered the CHEEZO GARLIC STICKS. It is served in a pizza shape with 6 pc. This looked the best of all but in taste, something else stole the show. These were served without a dip but we have ketchup and Mint Mayo sauce on each table so you can grab that one for an additional taste for your taste buds. Consume these fast enough otherwise the edges will become hard due to the air conditioner.

Pizzas were in no way inferior to any other pizza brand; they are too cheesy, well balanced and are available in varied options. We tried one Pizza from the simple veg category and another one from the speciality veg category. The first of the lot is GARDEN DELIGHT - this is a fresh pan pizza with a lot of cheese consisting of Onion, Tomatoes and Capsicum. I generally avoid capsicum in pizza but this one did not bother me. The pizza was extremely cheesy and so fresh that you can eat two at a time.

We did the same. The second on the lot is HOT PASSION pizza - this is again a fresh pan pizza with Jalapeno, Mushroom, Red Paprika, fresh Tomato with a lot of cheese but this time I made sure there is no Capsicum. This is super cheesy pizza and has a combination of a tangy, spicy and cheesy taste. The best I had at La Pino's Pizza.

La Pino's Pizza's every outlet has some wonderful meal options if you can eat. Check for Tan cards or tan boards on their tables for the offers. The option of healthy pizza is amazing because pizzas are known as junk food, but if that can be healthy then nothing like it. This place is economical in general terms but as it attracts a lot of college-going kids, it can be a little expensive for them. This aspect should be thought upon. Otherwise a delightful experience.

What Could Be Better?

Very small outlet
No Cutlery

How Much Did It Cost?

₹5,00 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With

₹500 - ₹1000, Bae, Kids