Ten-Second Takeaway

The Koffee Works in Navi Mumbai is a newly-opened cafe which also home delivers coffee in a flask.

What’s It About?

The Koffee Works opened a few months ago in Kharghar and has managed to get quite a fan following . The cafe offers an array of hot and cold beverages to suit to everyone’s liking. The coffee beans used here are sourced from the founder’s estate in south India. Interestingly, her family legacy is coffee and she’s a part of the 13th generation of coffee lovers and makers.

But the USP of this cafe lies in the fact that it’s probably the only one around that offers home delivery of coffee, that too in a flask. The cafe started offering home delivery services a few weeks ago and spread the message through word of mouth and instantly began getting orders.

While they deliver coffee at your doorstep in a flask, the delivery team also pours it for you in a cup. Clearly, you can now enjoy your favourite coffee in an environment of your choice.

So We’re Thinking…

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to order a cafe mocha on a rainy day and enjoy its delicious aroma while listening to the pitter-patter on the window.

When: Mon-Thurs, 10am to 11:30pm, Fri-Sun, 10am to midnight

Price: INR 85 onwards {you can get any coffee listed on the menu home delivered}

Featured photo courtesy: Koffee Works