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A Perfect European Delights With Artisan Cocktails & Classic Desserts!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The restaurant is known for client meetings, after office and great European food. Toast and Tonic is located in the heart of BKC - near One BKC. It is surrounded by other known outlets. It has amazing crafted interiors and the customization extends to the coasters. They do not have any other branches.

Toast and tonic prepare their own cheese which is delicious and you can see that once you enter the outlet. It is listed in Best of Mumbai & Artisan Cocktails collection and hence it is worth a visit. The restaurant is disabled free and serves customized dishes like Vegan, Gluten-free, Keto, etc. The ambience gives a nice vibe to drink and chill with fellow colleagues and your partner.

The day we visited we enjoyed live screening of a match from a table just opposite to the projector screen. The service here is master-class. One of the best services we received in recent times. The waitstaff is well-dressed with bow-tie and have an overall knowledge about the dishes. Akshay - our table staff and the manager - Amit, were on point to make sure we have a great experience.

Drinks/Beverages: We ordered a couple of drinks and they could have been better. One of them was of Kilts & Mundus - It consisted of Gin, Filter Kapi, and rosemary tonic, served with rosemary ice. The flavour was very strong and it was garnished with star anise. I believe because of its presence; the cocktail had a bit of sour undertone. It was served in a kind of a snifter/wine glass.

The next one was a cocktail turned in to mocktail. We ordered the Diablo, which is a concoction of Kaffir lime and Bird's eye chilli tonic, served with Kaffir lime leaf ice and garnished with red chilli. The chilli looked beautiful in the Poco grande glass. Had it been a cocktail, gin would have been a part of the drink. This too had a strong flavor of kaffir lime, means a bit on the bitter side. It was not the

Food: We tried a few starters and main course. The best of all was the Crispy Sweet Corn Custard. For some, the name might be misleading. In layman language, this is very similar to crispy corn balls but for the ones who need details, corn is finely churned and mixed with Togarsahi which is a Japanese spice mixed in powdered form and coated with bread crumbs.

This 6-piece appetizer had grated gran spicco and extremely sliced garlic over it to garnish and this was served with smoked tahini sauce and corn spread around it. The outer cover of the appetizer was very crispy and the inner filling was too good and heavy to consume. We loved this appetizer.

I would also like to talk about the Asian main that we had - Dan Dan Noodles. These are the authentic noodles topped with a mixture of minced cauliflower, black beans, bok choy and fried garlic. Everything was blended as if making a schezwan sauce.

Once we mixed the sauce with the noodles it tasted even better. The quantity is enough and the appearance was superb. The noodles were very smooth and slippery, hence easy to consume. Bok choy tastes like cabbage to add to the context.

Desserts: Hands down one of the best outlets visited recently for well-presented Desserts. We ordered the Sour Cherry & White Chocolate Parfait - this dessert had a lot of contents. It had a long cylindrical cherry kulfi kind of ice-cream, brown butter crisps, sugar-coated rose petal, Coconut ice-cream scoop, powdered white chocolate and sour cherry for garnishing as well.

All of this was arranged in a form to look more presentable as you can see in the pics. The sour cherry is very sour, butter cookies and rose petal were perfectly crispy and the coconut ice-cream was very coconutty. You must consume such desserts in combination to balance the palate. A recommended one.

Other items ordered were Mushroom on sourdough toast, Flatbread & Black sesame mousse. Toast and Tonic are more for European cuisine and decorated dessert lovers. I would love to visit again to try some of the cocktails here because we weren't satisfied with the cocktails. Thank you for reading the reviews. Have a good time until the next review.

Customized items: Yes
Tax: 5% GST and 10% Service charge
Bar: Yes
Age limit: 21+
Stag Entry: No
Seating: Indoor
Live Sports Screening: Yes
Parking: Yes (Valet)

Best for lovers of: European Cuisine, Corporate after-party

Pros: Decorated desserts

Recommendation: Crispy sweet corn custard, Dan Dan noodles, Sour cherry & white chocolate parfait

Ratings: 4

What Could Be Better?

On the pricier side & Drinks

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Big Group, Bae.