Rassasy By Barcelos: A Place To Satiate Your Food Cravings

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Rassasy By Barcelos is an amazing restaurant which is recently opened on the 1st Floor of the Orb building just beside the airport road. Its ambience was great with tables to accommodate a huge group along with smaller furniture for others. The service provided was quite admirable as well. We had ordered the following food items. Cocktails: -Bourbon On The Beach -Bay Of Passion Sangria Appetizers: -Chicken Quesadilla -Grilled Chicken Drumsticks -Crunchy Cheese Poppers Mains: -Prawns In Creamy And Cheesy Sauce Desserts: -Opera -Banoffee Overall, it was a delightful experience. Food: 5/5 Ambience: 4/5 Service: 5/5

    What Could Be Better?

    There isn't any need for improvisation to be made.

    How Much Did It Cost?


    Best To Go With?

    Big Group, Bae.