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A Place With Cute Decor And Amazing Ice-Creams!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Froozo doesn't mean anything but one can compare it to frozen desserts or ice-creams. Froozo is a new entrant in the cafe and desserts business in Mumbai and it is trying aggressively to capitalize the market but it has a long way to go but can reach there. They have currently 6 outlets in Mumbai and expansion is in process. The nearest one to me was in Malad so we went there to check it out. It is a small outlet with a seating capacity of around 40-45 people including indoor and outdoor seating. The outlet is decorated well with printed wallpaper and some artificial greenery somewhat covering the ceiling and walls.

This outlet is managed by Nawaz and Sameer together. Nawaz appears to be more trained and Sameer looks a little new to his role. However, we were served flawlessly with all the items we ordered and can't complain of anything. These outlets are known for their Burgers, Waffles, and ice cream rolls among others. They have some incredible options like Candy waffles, bubble waffles and monster freak shakes. They have board games available which serve the purpose of killing time between the orders and an attraction for groups to visit this place. Apart from Mumbai, they are located in many other cities like Surat, Hyderabad, Pune and many more.


As a food lover, you would certainly try the best of any place and that is exactly what we did. We tried the most popular Double Decker Burger. It consisted of two patties separated with cheese slices, the bread was ultra-soft and was garnished with cheese sauce and oregano. Paneer and jalapeno were a few of the noticeable ingredients in the burger over and above the patty; everything was covered in cheese sauce. The crispiness and the wholesome taste of the burger were very calming and satisfactory. Price of the burger is more than justified.

Peri-Peri Fries: It was what we felt like trying. It was just like a regular Peri Peri fries which was presented well. In a rectangle plate, we were served with preshared and well-spread peri-peri fries garnished with cheese sauce to make it visually appealing. If you compare the price you can't ask for more but I feel this dish can be better and if needed the price can be increased. It can be a little softer and a dip should be provided to make it a little less dry.


Here comes the best part or the part the restaurant is known for - Desserts, shakes, waffles and all the good things. We chose the famous mini pancakes and ice cream rolls. In pancake we went for the Bubbly Bubblegum variant - they were 8 pieces of cute mini pancakes, covered in bubblegum syrup, powdered sugar, and a sweet syrup. This already stunning dish was sprinkled with colourful birthday-sprinkle alike and tiny pieces of marshmallows. A little too sweet for some people but me, it was a perfect pancake dessert.

Fruit & Nut ice-cream roll is a live ice-cream that you can watch getting prepared in front of you. This consisted of a couple of fruit-based extracts and syrups, mashed nuts and milk fat primarily. All the ingredients are blended well on a live ice-cream machine until freezed and then rolled into ice-cream rolls and placed in a branded paper glass. Between the four rolls is placed some whipped cream, topped with fruit syrup, papaya tooti fruity and birthday sprinkles. This was a super thick and creamy ice-cream. it was more of a fruity and less of nutty ice cream but full of flavours.

This place is known for Waffles, Ice Cream Roll, Pancakes, Fries, Burgers, Hot Chocolate out of all. We will try the other specialities on my next visit at some other outlet. They have some ongoing offers on online ordering and also on dine-in depending on the time of the day or day of the week you visit. The success of this chain depends on their consistency and replication of quality of dishes in other outlets. This outlet serves till 4 am for their online customers. A good place for friends to hang out at and kids to visit for ice-creams and pancakes.

Best for lovers of:
Board Games, Waffles, Desserts & Shakes

Most economic outlet with board games

Double-decker burger
Bubbly Bubble gum pancake

What Could Be Better?

Small outlet

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group