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What Makes It Awesome?

When you come to know about a one of a kind places in Mumbai you can't resist visiting the place, can you? The uniqueness of this place is that is has a functional pool - means you can dive in the pool; it is not just there to enhance the ambience. Oheka is placed at 3rd floor in C'est La Vie Building on hill road. The pool is also located on the same floor hence usable. The pool belongs to the building and hence is chargeable at around Rs.800/4 hours. There are washrooms available to change which is common to the building hence it is not that well-kept.

Oheka is a new unique entrant to the casual dining section, just about 4 months old. They do not have any branches yet. Another feature worth mentioning is the availability of sheesha. They have herbal sheeshas available here starting from Rs. 1700 and have three packages viz. Oheka special, Silver and Dubai package. Feel free to explore and ask the server about the differences among the packages. Sheesha is only allowed in the outdoor seating section which is beside the pool. Because they serve sheeshas, kids are not allowed. There is more to this place than the food and drinks which we will discuss later.


Alright, so let's get going. Among beverages, this place is known for Cocktails, Mocktails and Coffee. We were more interested in the former two. The mocktail that we loved more than the other was RED CITRUS. This is a concoction of Cranberry juice, peach syrup, orange juice and lime juice. It is reddish in appearance and is stuffed with a lot of ice, served in a sling glass. It had a slightly sweet taste but it was refreshing.

Among the cocktails, we loved CITRON MELON SLUSH the most. It is a Whisky-based cocktail. Apart from whisky, it also contains egg white, watermelon and mint leaves. I felt instead of the taste of watermelon I could feel the taste of melon instead but it tasted nice so it did not matter much to me. It has a pink lather formed on top of the red concentrate. A beautiful drink presented in a snifter glass. They do have a couple of options in Sugar-free cocktails. Try them and let me know how they were.


We tried quite a few dishes and all of them were good. Among the appetizers the best was DAHI KE KEBAB - These are goldish textured kebabs which contains curd and a bit of coriander and cardamom in it served with onion rings, lemon and green chutney. These are 4 pieces. The outer layer was very crispy and the curd inside was creamy and smooth. I tried curd kebabs for the first time and I loved it. This is a chef's recommended dish.

Another appetizer worth talking about is CHEESE CHILLI ARANCINI - this is similar to cheese poppers in appearance and taste. Arancini are delicious, crispy, deep-fried balls of rice. They have mozzarella cheese filling and crunchy breadcrumb coating. This a 5-piece appetizer dipped in red in-house gravy. Amazing in taste and appearance. Ask for some dip to have them with. It will taste even better.

In the main course, we choose Italian cuisine and went with PENNE PASTA with PAPRIKA CREAM. These are penne pasta in white sauce sprinkled with paprika powder and mixed with exotic vegetables, also served with a world best bread. The garlic toasted bread that are served with pasta are my favourites. They are just so delicious. I have never had a bad pasta bread ever. Maybe because they are so simple to make and one can't go wrong with it. Anyways let's move on to the next section.


Oheka is known for Chocolate Pyramid & Chocolate Dessert, we tried both. WHITE CHOCOLATE PYRAMID and fruits were one of the best-looking desserts I have had. This is a beautifully curated dessert made up of French vanilla sable and frozen cheesecake stacked upon each other over which the beautiful white chocolate pyramid was placed. This setup is served with finely chopped fresh-cut fruits and crushed cookies. Upon the arrival of this marvellous dessert plate, the server will pour the hot caramel sauce over the pyramid to break it slowly. The flavour is as good as the visuals.

I thought Pyramid was the best of what they have but I was wrong, TEXTURES OF CHOCOLATE was equally amazing in appearance and taste. This is a semi-spherical glossy dark chocolate mousse. Garnished with edible goldish chocolate stones which were damn crispy and adds to the amazingness of this dessert. Oheka rocks in desserts.

Other Items ordered were Brazilian connection, Freshly screwed, Chicken ghee roast & Dal makhani with ghee rice. Our experience was made worth remembering because of the trio of Manager - Sudhir, Head chef - Rameshwar and the waitstaff: Siril & Amol. Everything was perfect and taken care of well. They have a lot of monthly events going on like every Thursday they have Ladies night, Karaoke events, etc. Keep an eye on their Instagram page for updates.

During any events, they block the pool for their guests, especially during pool parties. The music here is live and vibrant. The volume is such that it doesn't bother you but makes sure you enjoy it. They do have a private party area where there is a seating capacity of approximately 15-18 people and looks cosy, so one can book that and enjoy a private area with even quicker service. The music here is a little club-like. I loved the experience here.

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