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A Rooftop Restaurant That Exudes Elegance & Amazing Delicacies!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mostly Grills - A place that offers quality food with a view. A rooftop restaurant located at the orchid hotel is a place that exudes charm and luxury. The decor is colourful and holds elements that depict Indian culture and tradition. Indian cuisine is rich in flavours and is known for spices. Using them in a balanced way needs expertise and is an art known to few. This restaurant sure knows how to execute every delicacy with perfection. Their expertise is in serving grilled food. Do not miss to order the best ones from their extensive menu. All those culinary skills they hold can be seen in the food they serve.
Coming back to ambience, the seating space is rightly managed and comfortable. What added value to the ambience was live music. Classic songs sung by the talented duo is good enough to lift your mood.

Here is what I had :
Arabic Mezzeh - Lebanese cuisine is all about flavours and use of different ingredients that blend together. Knowing the fact that such delicacies are flavoursome. My ideal choice was this appetizer which was an assorted Lebanese starter served with fresh pita bread. The starter had the classic hummus which had prominent flavours. Made of fresh chickpeas and topped with Red chilli, green olives and olive oil. The consistency and texture were more than perfect. Pita bread was made in-house which took the overall taste to a different level. The second dip served along was Baba ghanoush made of mashed roasted eggplants, garlic and sesame. Not too spicy and was rightly balanced. Loved the presentation. Highly Recommended.

MG's Quesadillas - Their signature appetizer was next on the table. My love for Mexican food made me order it quickly. The Quesadilla wraps are stuffed with a filling made of different veggies. Be its bell peppers, beans, tomatoes, spices and so. The wrap is grilled till the outer crust is crunchy and golden brown. They are then cut into pieces and served with mayo. The stuffing was spicy enough to tickle my taste buds for long. The combination of spicy and sweet flavours will lift your mood up. Delicious and yumm! The creamy and cheesy twist adds value to this appetizer. Do try this Mexican starter on your visit. Highly Recommended 🤘🏻

Bharwan Khumb: Stuffed Mushrooms are pure love. The umami flavour of mushroom goes really well with several different ingredients. Button mushrooms are stuffed with aromatic Indian spices. They are cooked in clay oven where the spices blend well with the mushrooms. They were huge in size and were served with mint chutney. With every bite I took, the flavours just ooze out. Soft and juicy ones. Perfectly made in the tandoor and I just loved the taste. Highly Recommended.

Ravioli - Was curious to try this newly added one to their sizzlers category. Making Raviolis is not an easy job. They were stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese. They are cooked in creamy white sauce. Cheesy and delectable. They were all put together on a sizzling plate. Served along with crunchy french fries and a portion of bread. The combination was great and I couldn't stop having it till the last bite of it. They do have a huge range of sizzlers which you can opt for. Highly Recommended.

Nutty Sizzling Brownie - This dessert is an all-time favourite. Have had this sweet sin several times and the secret lies in how well the brownie is made. A perfectly baked brownie which was loaded with walnuts. Topped with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, it was a perfect dessert at the end. Surely a good option to try.