Dim Lights, Soothing Music And Good Food, Drop By This Place ASAP

    Mira Road, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Breathe - The Lounge Bar is an amazing place for an outing with friends. It's situated in Mira road about 3 km away from Mira road station.

    We visited this place and order the dishes listed below-
    1 Breathe Bull (Mocktail)
    2 Long Island Ice Tea (Cocktail)
    3 Mai Tai (Cocktail)
    4 Margarita (Cocktail)

    1 Paneer Peri Peri
    Quantity - 6 paneer slices load with marvellous flavours.

    2 Nachos With Cheese
    Quantity- 15-20 Nacho chips topped with cheese sauce and jalapenos.

    3 Murg Tandoori Lollypop
    Quantity- 6 pieces of Lollypop with a smoky tandoori flavour

    4 Murg Tandoori Platter
    Quantity- 5 different types of Tandoori Chicken 3 pieces each

    Main Course:
    1 Grand Special Pizza
    Quantity- Enough for a person to fill his tummy, a different type of pizza where there are no toppings instead there are fillings.

    2 Chicken Lasagna
    Quantity- A dish worth is price completely load with cheese, includes chicken keema and pasta and has exotic flavours.

    1 Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream
    Quantity- A brownie cube place on a hot plan topped with a large scoop of Vanilla ice cream and drizzled with liquid chocolate.

    2 Death By Chocolate
    Quantity- This dish stands true by its name as it can't be finished by a single person.

    An awesome place with dim lights and soothing music. Great artwork is done on its wall. Also has screening available.

    Humble staff, always there to help you out. Extremely quick service is provided. Good bartenders.

    How Much Did It Cost?


    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group
      Mira Road, Mumbai